The confirmation of a child into the Catholic Church is one of the most sacred and spiritual rites available within the faith. By now, confirmation is a springtime ritual in parishes across the country, as boys and girls affirm their Catholic faith with the maturity of adulthood. To make the occasion even more special, check out our list of the best confirmation gifts for boys and girls, making sure the day is one to remember for a lifetime.



Claddagh Cross Pendant: The Claddagh Cross symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. With the heart representing love, the crown meaning loyalty, and the two clasped hands representing friendship. Made in Ireland, the Claddagh Cross Pendant is made out of sterling silver, with a tasteful, simple design. The design that is currently known, was first made in the 17th Century in a small fishing village called Claddagh in County Galway. The circle in the Celtic Cross is depicted as a celestial sphere inspired by the writings of the Church Fathers. This is the perfect gift for a girl that is entering into a new phase of her faith.



Pearl Oval Pendant Necklace. A perfect token of the commitment made with confirmation, this necklace features an image of the Virgin Mary surrounded by brilliant pearls. This is a pendant to be cherished every day to remind of the holy sacrament with stunning beauty. Crafted in Dublin by Solvar Jewelry, the necklace also features sterling silver details and fittings.



Silver Plated Communion & Confirmation Pearl & Cross Bracelet. This pearl bracelet from Solvar Jewelry in Dublin beautifully combines two of Ireland’s most treasured symbols – the Celtic cross and the shamrock. For the Irish or Irish American confirmant, nothing could signify pride in heritage more than this remarkable piece.



Silver Plated Communion & Confirmation Pearl & Trinity Necklet. The Trinity knot is one of the most ancient and significant symbols in all of Irish design. Though it predates the spread of Christianity to Ireland, it has come to represent the Catholic Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, making it a perfect gift idea for a young one’s confirmation. The pearl strands are elegant without drawing too much attention away from the Catholic symbology of the pendant.



Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Double Sided Pendant Necklace. Celtic high crosses have existed for over 1,000 years and are as much associated with Irish design as the shamrock. It is a uniquely Irish take on the Christian cross, making this pendant necklace a remarkable reflection of faith and heritage. The broad four limbs of the cross are embellished with Celtic braids, whose interlacing ropes go on forever to signify never-ending love.



Trinity Knot Stud Earrings. Symbolizing the Holy Trinity, the Irish Trinity knot is one of the most ancient and important designs to come from Ireland. These sterling silver stud earrings are a wonderful confirmation gift for their dual references to faith and heritage. The sterling silver construction from ShanOre Jewelry in Dublin is of the highest quality and ensures that these will be cherished as long as possible.



Silver Claddagh April Birthstone Ring: The Claddagh ring symbolizes both the beauty and clarity of the diamond and the unity of love, loyalty, and friendship. With the heart representing love, the crown meaning loyalty, and the two clasped hands representing friendship. The design that is currently known, was first made in the 17th Century in a small fishing village called Claddagh in County Galway. The diamond represents a reminder of the Confirmation season, when the month of April celebrates Confirmation and Easter. Since it is considered to be the sacrament of Christian maturity, this ring symbolizes a child’s first steps to young adulthood, by what it means to be a faithful and loving person. Made in Dublin, the ring is made out of silver and cubic zirconia diamond.



Mullingar Pewter Shamrock Pocket Watch. For an unconventional confirmation gift, we recommend this handsome pocket watch from Mullingar Pewter. Featuring a simple face with Roman numerals and an engraved shamrock design on the cover, this pocket watch is a brilliant addition to any stylish young man or woman’s accessory box. Crafted from quality pewter, this timepiece boasts a brilliant shine that will not tarnish over time, making this durable watch perfect for passing down to future generations as a precious heirloom.



Pewter Celtic Cross. Decorated beautifully with interlaced Celtic knotwork, this pewter cross from Mullingar Pewter is a wonderful addition to any Christian home. The Celtic knot motif is an ancient Irish design that symbolizes the interconnectivity of all things and the eternal nature of divine love. At eight inches in height, this cross will stand out wherever it is displayed.



Belleek Classic St. Patrick’s Cross Ornament. This hand painted Celtic cross ornament comes from Ireland’s famed Belleek China porcelain maker and will be treasured for years to come. The shamrocks are added by hand after the firing process, while the brilliant white china base is etched with symbols of Irish history. The St. Patrick Cross from Belleek combines a traditional Celtic cross with embossed detailing that references ancient Irish brooches, of the kind St. Patrick would have worn.



Ceramic Irish High Cross Wall Ornament. This unique painted Celtic cross wall ornament from Royal Tara comes to life in a rich creme, olive green, and red color scheme that boasts ornate patterns, including a subtle Celtic Knot near the center. For anyone getting confirmed, the celtic cross is a perfect reminder of faith and heritage.



Irish High Cross Stained Glass Panel. Yet another option for those who want to gift a Celtic cross is this stunning stained glass panel, also from Royal Tara. Featuring trinity knots as well as a Celtic spiral in the center, this cross showcases the best of ancient Irish design and religious imagery. Hang it in any window to be reminded of the beauty of the church and faith.




Celtic Collections Bookmark: The love of reading should be something every child could cherish, to make themselves better people for themselves and for others. According to tradition, each of the four leaves carry a special meaning: hope, faith, love, and luck. When someone has all of these attributes, the world is there to be on their side. The infinite border, carries symbolism that is important to Irish culture, meaning of eternal love for those who hold special place in their lives. For a child, this gives them the to learn more about their Catholic faith and be a well educated and well rounded young man or young woman. Any friend would be lucky and fortunate to have this, stepping forward to adulthood.




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