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Inis Perfumes

Fragrances can be captured in perfumes as well as body lotions, shower gels, oil soaps, and bath salts so you can surround yourself with natural and floral, or wild and zesty tones. The right fragrance can rejuvenate your energy or relax it depending on what you require.

The Inis Arose giftset for women and the Inis Patrick Cologne for men are both popular choices. The Patrick Cologne is a musky spray for men with a fresh note. It is packed in classic Irish design, inspired by Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The Inis Arose scent has a fresh floral edge. It is a fragrance to celebrate the magic of life and love.

ShamrockGift stock Irish fragrances for men and women. Whatever you desire we have the scent to satisfy it. To give Irish fragrances is to give something that little bit extra special because you are capturing nature’s magic and beauty in a bottle. They all come in elegantly designed packaging making each product unique with individual character.

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