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Fragrances of Ireland

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Fragrances can be captured in perfumes as well as body lotions, shower gels, oil soaps, and bath salts so you can surround yourself with natural and floral, or wild and zesty tones. The right fragrance can rejuvenate your energy or relax it depending on what you require. The Inis Arose gift set for women and the Inis Patrick Cologne for men are both popular choices.

Irish Perfumes

Inis Perfume is an Irish favorite, capturing the energy of the sea, this scent also captures the briskness of the ocean breeze on the shores of Ireland.

Fragrances of Ireland Patrick Cologne is a musky spray for men with a fresh note. It is packed in classic Irish design, inspired by Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Inis Arose Eau De Parfum scent has a fresh floral edge. It is a fragrance to celebrate the magic of life and love.

Connemara Eau de Toilette is inspired from the beautiful Connemara countryside and carries the fragrance of the Irish flowers and meadows

To give Irish fragrances is to give something that little bit extra special because you are capturing nature’s magic and beauty in a bottle. They all come in elegantly designed packaging making each product unique with individual character. Founded over three decades ago Fragrances of Ireland has been perfecting the art of bottling the scents and feelings of Ireland in perfumes, colognes, and body care products throughout its history. There’s something for everybody from Fragrances of Ireland, whether you’re looking for the smell of a fresh rain in the woods, or newly blossomed flowers in the summertime. Ireland’s natural landscape is as beautiful to take in with your eyes as it is varied to take in with your nose. The scents of Ireland come from fields, sand, ocean breezes, and more, and Fragrances of Ireland employs some of the best perfumers in the country to help capture those senses and deliver them to your home. It has long been known that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful of the five senses for evoking memory. So if you’re looking to relive your summer vacation or revisit the town of your childhood that bordered lavender fields, Fragrances of Ireland is here to help.

Inis the Energy of the Sea

The signature fragrance from Fragrances of Ireland is Inis the Energy of the Sea, a unisex scent that invokes the west coast of Ireland, from the briny ocean to the sandalwood beaches. Inis in the Irish language, or Gaelic, means “island,” and its from the mixture of land and sea that Inis perfumes draws its greatest source of inspiration. With top notes of lemon and marine over base notes of sandalwood and clove, with a bit of lily of the valley thrown in to round out the florid side of Ireland, this scent is a well-balanced reflection of Ireland from coast to coast.

Based in County Wicklow, Fragrances of Ireland draws heavily on the county’s nickname as Garden of Ireland, renowned for its diversity of flowers and trees. In fact, Fragrances of Ireland even grows their own lavender and has purchased a 140-acre plot of land to help conserve the natural floral landscape for future generations. The next best thing to being able to visit Wicklow, is indulging in some of the scents from Fragrances of Ireland. They will transport you to a warm summer’s day spend walking through fields of freshly blossomed flowers, the rays of sunlight illuminating your skin and a gentle breeze mingling all the beautiful smells into one undeniable bouquet. Fragrances of Ireland offers a wide range of scents available in both perfume and lotion, in addition to lines of soap and body wash. So even if you’re not a cologne guy or someone who doesn’t leave the house in the morning without a little spritz of eau de toilette, you can still bask in the wonderful fragrances Ireland has to offer

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