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Guinness Freezer Tankard

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  • Guinness Freezer Tankard
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Official Guinness Merchandise
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Guinness Store

For a practical accessory that will keep your drinks nice and chilled wherever you go, this Guinness Freezer Tankard is a must-have!

This piece comes in a classic tankard design, with a wide cylindrical body that can hold 400 milliliters of liquid. It also comes with a black circular base platform and a long black handle for easy gripping. On the front of the tankard is a classic Guinness Extra Stout beer bottle label, which features the Guinness logo name in white block letters and the signature gold Irish harp against an oval, cream-colored background.

Able to keep drinks cool for hours without the use of ice, this amazing tankard works by being stored in a freezer for several hours so that it retains the freezer-like ability to insulate beverages from outside heat, keeping them cold for extended periods of time.

This useful tankard is great for travel or for enjoying a cold beverage outside on a sunny day. Make it a special souvenir or gift for someone who loves to enjoy icy drinks!

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