Mullingar Pewter

Claddagh Crystal & Pewter Wedding Flutes


■ Our beautiful crystal flutes are crafted by the Mullingar Pewter company in Westmeath Ireland, which was founded in 1974 and continues to produce unique pieces.
■ These stunning crystal wedding flutes are handmade by the Mullingar team and cast using traditional Irish techniques dating back 800 years.

■ The patterned crystal base gives the glassware added texture, catching and reflecting light giving the crystal that classic iridescent glow.

■ Made of 100% crystal and pewter, you will instantly be able to see the outstanding quality and attention to detail.

■ Etched with the Claddagh, which is a representation of love, friendship, and loyalty this symbol has stood the test of time.


If you are trying to decide what to add to your wedding registry, or trying to find a gift for a special couple in your life these Claddagh engraved, Mullingar Pewter wedding flutes are the way to go. Whether it’s for a young couple, a vowel renewal, or an anniversary present this gift will stand out from the rest. Anyone who receives these crystal glasses will instantly appreciate their elegant lines, and fine craftsmanship. Designed and created by Mullingar Pewter, a family company located in Westmeath Ireland, their attention to detail in this crystal is second to none. Started in 1974 by Paddy Collins in Mullingar Ireland, the company set out to recreate the ancient art of pewter craftsmanship that began over 800 years ago.

Now lead by Peter, Paddy’s son, and his team of 16 craftsmen, this pewter company uses a mix of old school and modern day techniques to shape their unique pewter pieces. Reknowned for their finest grade pewter, this team uses traditional casting methods and hand finishing techniques to shape every piece they bring into the world. Once only available to the wealthy society of Ireland, Mullingar Pewter brings beautiful Irish pieces to life for modern day people. The classic Irish Claddagh can be found etched on the top of these flutes. Although the true history of the Claddagh is unclear, what is known is that the design originated in Galway Ireland, in the village of Claddagh.

It is thought to have been created around the 17th century by Richard Joyce who was once enslaved and learned the art of jewelry making at that time. He gained his freedom when it was decreed that all British subjects were to be released from the bonds of slavery, and he took the skills he had learned with him back home to Galway. Whether he created the ring before or after his time as a slave is debated, but he gifted the ring he made to his wife and his initials can still be found on some of the earliest rings. Symbolising friendship, love, and loyalty, the Claddagh is the embodiment of the foundations of marriage. There is no mistaking the meaning of these flutes, which is the wish for a beautiful and lasting union.

The crystal that the Claddagh is etched onto is stronger and heavier than regular glassware. This is mainly due to the fact that crystal is made 2-30% of minerals, some lead and some lead free. These minerals allow craftsmen to achieve thin glasses that remain strong. At the base of these wedding flutes a lovely patterned design can be found which, unlike glassware, give the glass an iridescent shine in the light due to the refraction of light in the pattern. It also produces a clear ringing sound when tapped for that great wedding toast you have prepared. The stems of these glasses is where their renowned pewter skills come into play. Measuring at a height of 8.5” these pewter stems are held in an opaque casing and finished in a hand detailed design on a round base. Their guaranteed lead free pewter is long lasting and durable, making a great base to these crystal wine flutes.

These Claddagh engraved wedding flutes will instantly become a beloved family treasure that will last with the couple through their years of marriage and beyond.