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Who says the Black Stuff is just for the boys? Here at, we’re delighted to offer a broad range of official Guinness apparel for girls and women, encompassing products appropriate for every season, taste, and occasion!
Whether you’re in the market for a fun piece of Guinness brand clothing to rock this St. Patrick’s Day or a gift that an important lady in your life will treasure forever, we’re certain that you’ll find just the thing in our fun and funky online catalog.

Guinness Hoodies for Women

If it’s a Guinness hoodie that you’re after then we’ve got just the thing for you. Available in a vast array of sizes, our Guinness pullover sweatshirts for women are perfect for spreading a little Irish cheer and charm wherever you go, while all the while staying warm and cozy, no matter the weather. Made from a soft blend of cotton and polyester, these hoodies are breathable and gentle on the skin, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about rashes or breakouts.
Take for example our Guinness Ladies Black Hoodie - a thick and warm hoodie. The roomy kangaroo pouch pocket makes it easy to store your everyday essentials, and a convenient drawstring hood allows you to adjust the tightness -- ideal for when the rain begins to fall or winter winds blow!

Ladies Guinness T-Shirts

If you’d prefer something with a slightly more feminine cut, you need to look no further than our selection of Guinness t-shirts. Each sporting a delicate, feminine design featuring the Classic Guinness harp logo, Arthur Guinness signature or Lettering, these shirts guarantee a flattering fit and are easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion at hand. They’re also 100% machine-washable, with neat stitching and durable shape that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time -- which is important because once you own an official piece of Guinness merchandise as gorgeous as this, you’re never going to want to be parted with it! Our favorite Ladies T-Shirts worth your attention.
Guinness Ladies T-Shirt with Butterfly & Extra Foreign Stout Print - this gorgeous round neck shirt features the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout which was launched little by little and comes with colored butterflies and florals- elegant and iconic.
Guinness Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt- this short-sleeve Guinness tee is just perfect for women who love to look sharp during workouts.
Guinness Ladies Brewed in Ireland Short Sleeve Tee- coming with a black base and white edging, this t-shirt is crafted with the contrast of a dark, full body and thick.
Ladies Red Label Guinness Round Neck T-shirt- this short sleeve t-shirt made of 100% Cotton and designed with the iconic Guinness label in red color will rapidly become your favorite.

Guinness Silk Scarves for Women

When it comes to accessories, our Guinness ladies collection has also got you covered -- literally! These warm winter hats and long, flowing scarves are attractive and comfortable enough to make you wish that winter as a year-round affair.
Treat yourself or surprise the vintage-lover in your life with one of our silken print Guinness scarves. These designs playfully harken back to a simpler time, when it was commonly assumed that Guinness stout was appropriate only for the consumption of men. Leave it to the people of Ireland to break the social mold for the better! Echoing ad campaigns from the 1970s, these scarves bear the images of some very retro-glam girls, as well as the phrase, “Every girl should have a little black drink.” At, we couldn’t agree more!

Guinness Fun Socks

For a fun and fashionable power move, pick up a pair of our black Guinness knee-socks, too. Not only are they a wonderful way to display your undying loyalty to the ultimate drink of the Emerald Isle, but they’re warm and toasty as can be, to boot. The deep black body color and smooth, creamy imitation-head bending the knee is a fantastic homage to the look of premium Guinness stout and will look wonderfully quirky when paired with a simple skirt and boots.
No matter what you choose we guarantee the high quality and cherry look of our Guinness Ladies Apparel Collection. Browse now!

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