The Guinness athletic apparel collection is made up of only the most official brand merchandise. This means that each and every piece in the line is of the highest quality -- and, as we all know, this is massively important for both your health and your wallet! After all, not all activewear is created equally, which is why we’ve teamed up with Guinness to ensure that our customers are offered only the best of the best.

Official Guinness Sportswear Collection 

Every piece not only looks great, but is made from the most premium materials on the market, and is distinctively Irish in design, to boot!

Guinness Golf Shirts and Rugby Jerseys

If it’s affordable performance shirts that you’re on the market for, be sure to make point of checking out our top-notch range of Guinness soccer and rugby jerseys for both women and men. Made to effectively echo the style and functionality of the garments worn every single day by official Irish sportsmen, these pieces provide superior breathability and freedom of movement, making them perfect for a workout on the field or in the gym. Made from 100% polyester, they’re also durable, and wash extremely well, meaning that you’ll never lack that feeling of freshness before you set out to push your body to the limit. We brought together all the beloved sport styles of Guinness Jerseys so that you can choose your favorite one.

Guinness Striped Short Sleeve Polo- made from 100% premium cotton, this pleasant shirt comes in a glossy black that is complemented with contrasting gray stripes on the sleeves.
Black and Grey Guinness Golf Shirt- this polo styled short-sleeved shirt in moss green and deep black stripes is a great piece to be added to your wardrobe.
Guinness Ireland Performance Rugby Jersey-this sporty rugby jersey is made of polyester performance fabric and comes with an attractive three-button placket.

The Irish soccer team has a massive following both at home and abroad, and the country’s rugby team is considered one of the best lineups in the world at this point in history. Wear one of our Irish soccer or rugby performance shirts next time your step outtake on the activity or the day, or keep it casual by honoring the sportsmen of the Emerald Isle next time you pop out to run some errands. You’re guaranteed to full a rush of Irish pride while you’re at it!

Guinness Performance Jackets

Alternatively, maybe you currently need a new sports jacket, to keep your body temperature regulated during outdoor workouts. Or, perhaps you need a warm-up garment to throw on before or after you get down to business. Look to our wide range of Guinness sports jackets, and you’re sure to find something to fit your needs, heavy or light, hooded or zipped!
Guinness Rugby Performance Jacket- this waterproof, breathable and quick-drying jacket is specially engineered for athletic performance.
Guinness Irish Zipper Jacket- this puffa jacket is adorned with the trademark Guinness text and harp icon. This cleverly-insulated jacket is long-sleeved, resistant to wind and water- ideal in cold time.
Guinness Performance Softshell Jacket- this lightweight black jacket with harp embroidery is made of breathable fabric which keeps the body at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather or workout.

All of our official Guinness performance merchandise comes in the iconic black and cream colors associated with the world-famous stout brand, and many also feature its instantly-recognizable logo: a golden Celtic harp. This symbol has long been seen as an emblem of the Irish people abroad (due, in no small part, to the country’s fascinating history of harp-playing, which goes back to ancient times), and when Guinness adopted it as its own calling card in the 1800s, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t long before “Guinness” and “Ireland” were considered rather synonymous, too!

Guinness Performance Socks

Shamrock Gift is also proud to stock a line of Guinness performance socks, almost identical in look and feel to those worn by the talented members of the official Irish rugby team. Made from high-quality white polyester performance material, these socks deliver in terms of both fashion and functionality -- they’re durable, moisture-wicking, and actively work to protect your hard-working feet from the painful blisters that sports and running can cause. Simple yet effective, those socks are an excellent purchase for a loved one that never seems to take a moment to sit down!

Guinness Baseball Caps

Finally, when it comes to outdoor games, matches, and sunny day workouts, no good sportsman or woman can be without a reliable hat to protect their eyes and shelter their face from harmful UV rays. True to form as always, Shamrock Gift has got just what you need: an extensive line of simple yet striking Guinness-themed baseball caps, made from soft, airy cotton, and in many cases featuring stitched grommets to provide extra ventilation. Like all of our sportswear from the active gentleman or lady, these hats look great, feel great, and are guaranteed to help you be the very best you can be when it comes to your passion for fitness.
So, don’t hesitate. Jump right on into our fun Guinness sportswear gear catalog. Quality and comfort are waiting for you.

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