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With one of the largest selections of Guinness clothing merchandise available in the United States, has something for all occasions and tastes. Our Guinness hats and caps will keep your head warm on a chilly day while making a statement.

Guinness Clothing Collection

The clothing designs are modern and eye-catching while also being authentic to their roots. You don’t have to be a Guinness drinker to appreciate their Official merchandise, because it has established a fan base all of its own. Their clothing is hard-wearing and holds the stamp of Guinness quality. Whether you are into rugby jerseys, plain tee shirts, polo necks, zip-up hoodies, jackets, caps or pullover hoodies, there’s something here for anyone who is proud of their Irish roots, whether they’re a Guinness lover or just an ambassador for good old Irish brands.

Trademark Guinness T-Shirts

Our wide selection of Guinness t-shirts can be layered or worn on their own for a casual look. You can opt for a Guinness rugby shirt, polo shirt to give you something unique to practice in while showing off your Irish pride.
Guinness Ireland Performance Rugby Jersey- this sporty rugby jersey is made of moisture-wicking and comes with a three-button placket.
Guinness Ireland 1759 Rugby Top- for a glittering look full of Irish flair this made of a pure soft cotton t-shirt is ideal. This breathable tee features navy and white stripes that make a classic color combination.
Guinness English Label Tee Shirt- black is classic and the Guinness black is just iconic. This shirt is made of premium brushed cotton, making it both soft and ultra-durable.

Official Guinness Hoodies

Guinness hoodies and Guinness jackets are perfect for throwing on during a brisk day, while our Guinness knitwear adds a bit of sophistication to any outfit. All the Guinness hoodies and jackets sold at is of the highest quality and made from the finest materials, just like the beer itself. Have a look into our favorite hoodies and jackets:
Guinness Harp Trademark Fleece Jacket- if you want to stand out while feeling warm, cozy and comfortable look no further than this fleece jacket.
Guinness Ladies Black Hoodie- this thick and warm black hoodie from Guinness comes with an iconic Guinness Foreign Extra logo front detail.
Guinness Rugby Performance Full-Zip Fleece Jacket- this bold full zipper jacket with 2 front pockets makes a nice gift for any of your Guinness-loving friends.

By wearing these hoodies and jackets, you are able to tap into a long history of refined taste and evolving business models that allowed the company to become the powerhouse it is today.

Guinness Women’s Clothing

While most of our Guinness clothing is unisex, we also have a small selection of more feminine Guinness clothing for the Guinness lady out there.
Guinness Ladies T-Shirt with Butterfly & Extra Foreign Stout Print- you will love this short sleeve tee that comes with a feminine pattern of neutral-colored butterflies and florals.
Black/White Guinness Encore Ladies Scarf- add some dazzling elegance with this iconic Guinness Made from pure silk scarf featuring a white background smothered in delicate red love hearts and black music notes.
Ladies Red Label Guinness Round Neck T-shirt- this short sleeve t-shirt made of 100% Cotton and designed with the iconic Guinness label will rapidly become your favorite.

History of Guinness

Founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, the brewery has become Ireland’s most recognizable company, nearly as emblematic of the country as the shamrock or the harp. The trademark Guinness harp logo was first introduced in the 19th century and takes the form of a reverse image of what was then a popular Irish nationalist flag, modeled after the Trinity College harp. Today, the Guinness harp appears on just about all Guinness merchandise to remind you of Ireland’s long bardic history of creative poetry and song. When Guinness opened its first brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on the land, ensuring that no soul would be without the black stuff for longer than the span of recorded human history, which is generally considered to be 5,000 years. Guinness was a forward-thinker and his vision is still a point of pride for the island today. In the years since, Guinness has expanded to be an international operation with breweries all over the world, making the company globally synonymous with Ireland itself. No matter where you go in your Guinness clothing, it will be instantly recognized as a reflection of your discerning taste and Irish heritage.

Browse the Guinness Accessories Selection

Every item is Guinness's official merchandise, with Guinness’s trademark logo and branding. In addition to traditional pieces like tees and hoodies, ShamrockGift also offers a range of accessories like Guinness scarves, Guinness pint cuff links, ties, wallets, aprons, and more. Styles range from a decidedly contemporary look to more vintage feels, featuring distressed Guinness logos for a heritage look that feels at once modern and worn-in.

Shop the entire Guinness clothing collection now. One-hundred percent free standard shipping is always guaranteed from and ordered placed before 3 pm ship the same day. Buy your piece of Irish entrepreneurial heritage today and pay tribute to a long line of Guinness drinkers, brewers, workmen, and executives who all helped create one of the most enduring Irish brands.

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