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Cable Knit Irish Throw Blanket


■ Knitted with 100% Merino Wool, a premium quality material that is soft, warm, and highly durable
■ Designed and produced in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, a leading Aran knitwear manufacturer
■ Features authentic Aran cable stitches that add cultural significance to this throw
■ This Irish throw has the ideal dimension of 38 inches by 60 inches and is suitable for any purpose
■ For the best results, please hand wash only in cold water and dry on a flat surface



Our Cable Knit Irish Throw Blanket is the perfect blanket for those cozy winter nights when you want to curl up in bed and enjoy warmth and comfort. This throw is finely knitted with premium quality merino wool, the softest natural material, and guarantees warmth, breathability, and long-lasting comfort. Apart from its great heat-insulating properties, this Irish blanket is extremely durable and moisture-resistant. The design of the throw has strong cultural accents, featuring traditional Aran cable stitches. The cable pattern is the most prolific stitch in knitwear and it resembles the ropes used by the brave fishermen who sailed in the cold waters of the Atlantic in order to provide food for their families. Thanks to the culturally significant design, this throw would make a wonderful decor accessory for your Irish home. With this charming Aran throw, you can celebrate and promote your culture in an elegant and authentic way. In terms of cleaning, hand wash the throw in cold water and dry it on a flat surface to achieve the best long-term results.