Diamond Irish Wool Throw


■ Made from high-quality blend of Merino Wool and Acrylic, this throw is soft and cozy, providing exceptional warmth and comfort
■ Our throw displays the timeless art of Irish knitting traditions, designed with diamond, honeycomb, and moss stitches, reflecting Aran symbols of harmony, good luck and protection
■ Sized 62 x 40 inches, this throw ensures a versatile use as a throw, bed cover, or wrap for cozy evenings
■ Made in Ireland, this throw makes an excellent Irish gift or housewarming present, celebrating the Aran heritage and bringing warmth to any home


Our Irish Wool Throw is a cozy item that combines traditional Aran stitching patterns with premium materials, perfect for adding warmth and cultural charm to any space.
Made from a high-quality blend of Merino Wool and Acrylic, this throw is exceptionally soft and cozy, providing a comforting accessory on chilly days and nights. This blend ensures durability, resistance to creasing and moisture-wicking properties, making our throw a perfect companion for your picnics and outdoor leisure activities with your family or friends.
The design of this throw is truly captivating, with traditional Irish patterns celebrating the rich heritage of the Aran Islands and bringing a touch of warmth and elegance to any home. The Diamond stitch is representative of the little farms scattered over the Aran Islands and symbolizes prosperity, wealth, and success when at sea. The Honeycomb stitch is a lucky pattern, embodying the bees' hard work and the sweet rewards they reap. Meanwhile, the Moss stitch, with its tiny and distinctive texture, symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and a bountiful harvest.
With dimensions measuring 62 x 40 inches, this item can be draped as a throw over your favorite armchair, spread elegantly as a bed cover, or wrapped around your shoulders as a blanket for those cozy evenings by the fire.
Crafted in Ireland, this Aran Throw makes a delightful Irish gift or a thoughtful housewarming present. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this blanket is an embodiment of comfort, tradition, and Irish charm.