Soft Merino Wool Irish Blanket

Was: $109.99
Now: $74.90

■ Charmingly knitted wool throw, measures 60 inches by 40 inches
■ Made from soft natural Merino Wool, ideal to keep you warm and cozy
■ Ideal dimensions for a all-size beds, but can be placed all around the house
■ Design inspired by the traditional Irish art of knitwear, featuring cable stitches



In the cold of winter, bring a spark of coziness and comfort into your home. Our Soft Merino Wool Irish Blanket is the ideal piece for cold weather and not only. It will surely become your favorite piece to cuddle with during movie nights or chilly mornings when you want to prolong your stay in bed.

Made of Merino Wool, it has a pleasant texture with a soft touch on the skin, lacking wool’s usual itchiness. Besides its functionality, it is a charming piece of decor as well, allowing you to cherish your Irish roots daily. Our throw was designed to honor the traditional Irish art of knitwear. The piece incorporates cable stitches, which symbolize a wish for good fortune, and honeycomb stitches, a pattern that represents abundance.

Our wool throw measures 60 inches by 40 inches. You can place this piece on a chair or sofa or just wrap it around yourself when the temperatures drop.

Please only hand wash this piece, in cold water, using either very delicate detergent or wool-specific products. Allow it air dry flat in order to avoid wrinkles.