Aran Woollen Mills

Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket


■ Manufactured from 100% Irish Merino wool, that is luxuriously soft, warm, and moisture-resistant – the perfect yarn for your baby’s comfort

■ Our Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket comes in dimensions of 38 inches in length and 27 inches in width, sufficient to cover your baby and keep them warm

■ The blanket features culturally inspired Aran cable stitches, patterns that pay homage to the vast and rich Irish knitting traditions

■ This merino blanket features cute Sheep and Shamrock designs, symbols of Irish culture and heritage

■ The beautiful piece is a product of Ireland’s leading and premier garment manufacturing company, Aran Woollen Mills


Our stunning Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket is the ultimate garment for your baby, perfect for the cold and chilly seasons. Finely knit with 100% Merino wool, this Irish blanket provides unmatched softness, coziness, and durability, ideal for your baby’s comfort. It is moisture-wicking and highly breathable, promising to keep your baby warm and dry all year round. Besides that, the merino wool used in the composition of our throw is ethically sourced from merino sheep, providing a natural, eco-conscious choice for you and your family.

What makes this Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket truly special is its cultural design. Inspired by the authentic Irish sweaters, traditionally worn in the Aran islands since the beginning of the 20th century, our baby blanket is an ode to Ireland’s knitting traditions. The blanket features exquisite Aran cable stitches, commonly knit into Irish fishermen’s knitwear as a wish for safety and good luck at sea. The cable stitch is thought to resemble the ropes used by the brave Aran fishermen and symbolize strength as they had to remain strong in order to return to their families. Besides that, the unique texture of these stitches assured airflow as well as superior insulation against the harsh Atlantic conditions. This luxurious baby throw is knitted using the same technique, keeping your little one warm and cozy without overheating. The addition of shamrocks and sheep adds a pop of color to the overall aesthetic of the blanket, infusing it with another layer of meaning - the shamrock is one of the most popular Irish symbols, believed to have been used by St. Patrick as a metaphor of the Holy Trinity when converting Irish people to Christianity. As for the sheep, it animates the verdant landscapes of Ireland - it is often said that there are more sheep than people on Irish soil. Our baby blanket has generous dimensions of 38 inches in length and 27 inches in width, the ideal size for many purposes - whether you use this piece as a stroller cover, nursing decor, or picnic blanket, you will enjoy its benefits at its fullest.

This marvelous piece is a production of the prestigious and leading Irish company, Aran Woollen Mills, ex-Carraig Donn. The company is a leader, trendsetter, and premier garment and jewelry manufacturing firm in the region. The company's products have a global presence, renowned for their authenticity, uniqueness, and cultural essence. This beautiful piece can also serve as a beautiful and thoughtful gift to a friend who just got a baby - they will surely love the blanket.