Robert Emmet Company

Brass Scottish Bagpipe Door Knocker

Was: $59.95
Now: $34.90

■ This Scottish door knocker is made from solid rust-resistant brass with a polished finish, ensuring durability, longevity and a high-quality feel. 
■ This intricate design features a detailed Scottish bagpiper, capturing the essence of Scottish culture and tradition. 
■ Measuring approximately 7.5 inches in height and 3.25 inches in width, this door knocker strikes a balance between being noticeable and fitting well on most doors. 
■ Packaged in a gift box with "Easy-Install" brass mounting screws, this door knocker is the perfect Scottish gift. 


Celebrate your Scottish heritage with the Robert Emmet Company’s Brass Scottish Bagpipe Door Knocker. Crafted from solid brass and polished to perfection, this doorknocker features an intricate and finely detailed bagpiper in full Highland dress with kilt, piper’s plaid, bonnet and cross belt clearly visible.

Bagpipes, and their Irish cousin the uilleann pipes, though having originated 3,000 years ago in what is now Turkey, are arguably the most characteristic instrument of Gaelic culture on both sides of the Irish Sea. Today they can be found in pipe and drum bands, traditional folk bands, and ceremonial processions for military functions.

One of the first Irish and Scottish gift companies in the United States, The Robert Emmet Company has been producing beautiful Celtic design for over 30 years. Founded in 1987 by Robert Emmet Reilly, the company is based in New England and partners with local jewelry makers and metalworkers to bring Irish culture and heritage to the U.S. market.

Knocker measures 7.5 in. x 3.25 in. Polished solid brass. Includes two “Easy-Install” brass mounting screws.