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Mullingar Pewter Irish Pocket Knife


■ Pewter Irish Pocket Knife 
■ Shamrock Design
■ Dimensions: approx. 3.5” L x 7/8” W 
■ Mullingar Pewter Collection 
■ Made in Ireland 


Showing off the fact that you’re proudly Irish doesn’t get any more literal than with this Mullingar Pewter Irish Pocket Knife! This knife is made of stainless steel and pewter, offering strength, corrosion resistance, and tarnish resistance. This pocket knife comes with multiple utility tools including a corkscrew and blade that make it perfect for travel or whenever you’re on the go.

Featured on the front in an antique finish is the word ‘IRISH’ in all caps, and it’s flanked by two shamrocks. As the national flower of Ireland, the shamrock is not only a symbol of pride but one of rousing strength that boosted the morale of the country when it was under harsh English rule in the 19th century. In addition to being a symbol of good fortune, the shamrock was also famously used by Saint Patrick to teach the Holy Trinity of Christianity to the Irish.

Carry this pocket knife with your house and car keys so that you’re always prepared for any tasks that require some tool work!