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When you’re dedicated to teaching your little ones about the importance of their Irish heritage, you can never start too early. 

Looking for Irish Baby Accessories? 

We at have put together this wonderful catalogue, loaded with all of the high-quality Irish baby accessories you could ever need! Whether you’re in the market for something special for your own little bundle of joy or are seeking out the perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday, our range of delightful baby products is sure to have something for you.

Irish Wool Baby Blankets

Consider, for example, the many benefits of picking up a handmade wool baby blanket. Soft and visually stunning, these hand-woven have “future family heirloom” written all over them! Not only are they ideal for wrapping baby up snug and warm when the winter winds howl, but they also double as the perfect barrier between sensitive skin and scratchy grass when letting him or her play outside during the summer.

As for the material of the blankets themselves, you can have full confidence in their 100% Irish merino wool weave -- it’s incredibly soft yet surprisingly durable, and non-irritating for even the most crash-prone of baby skin. Have a look on our favorite Aran Baby blankets:

Saol Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket- this beautiful Aran blanket from SAOL is made from finest, 100% merino wool and it is knit using classic Irish cable stitches, honeycomb, and basket stitches.

Fisherman Ireland Wool Throw- made in Ireland by Saol, this throw is crafted of 100% Merino wool that is incredibly soft and provides you comfy warmth.

Irish Merino Wool Baby Blanket with Sheep and Shamrock Design- this large blanket is a perfect addition to keep you warm.  Decorated with small sheep and shamrocks that are knit in green in a delightful alternating pattern.

All of our Irish baby blankets are made using traditional stitch patterns from the Aran Islands, which lie off the country’s western coasts. The stitches were first employed by the wives of the island fishermen, when they made cozy yet sturdy knit sweaters to keep their husbands warm and safe while they worked out at sea. Channel this beautiful protective energy when you gift the special little someone in your life with an Aran blanket they’ll never want to part with!

Irish Wool Hats

If it’s baby wearables you’re after, be sure to take a gander at our delightful collection of soft knit hats. There aren’t many things cuter than a baby in a hat that’s plush, colorful, and oozing with character -- and we can promise here and now that our hats are all three! Keep it neutral with light cream Merino wool, or let its Irishness shine through by choosing a deep forest green. A fun cartoon motif is a must, and we’ve got plenty of options that are simply to die for. Our personal favorite is the adorably bashful sheep seen on many of our children’s headwear pieces; sheep are, of course, an integral part of Irish culture, with many people routinely joking that there are more sheep than people in the country!

Charming Baby Irish Socks

If keeping baby comfy from head to toe is your priority, you’ve already got the head covered. Now, act in the interest of those little toes and pick up a pair of oh-so-cute Irish kids socks! Made from soft and brightly-colored cotton, these socks are patterned with everything from shamrocks (a treasured symbol of the Irish nation on an international scale) to fun, giggly leprechauns, and are as adorable to the eye as they are blessed with the luck of the Emerald Isle.

Funny Irish Baby Bibs

Finally, no Irish baby’s ensemble is complete without a fun (and convenient) mealtime bib! Our collection includes amusing embroidered phrases (think “The Leprechauns Made Me Do It!”) and imitation Irish rugby shirts, featuring the official emblem of the national team, a trio of elegantly-rendered shamrocks that are sure to to get Irish eyes big and little smiling!

Ready to begin your search for the best baby gift ever? Dive right into our huge collection of Baby Irish Accessories. We’re positive that it won’t be long before you find something that you -- and the little lad or lass in question -- will love.

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  1. Irish Wool Child's Mittens
    Irish Wool Child's Mittens
  2. Cozy Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Knit Throw Out of Stock
    Cozy Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Knit Throw
    As low as $117.95
    Out of stock
  3. Black Kids Shamrock 2 Way Sequin Bobble Hat Out of Stock
    Black Kids Shamrock 2 Way Sequin Bobble Hat
    As low as $17.95
    Out of stock
  4. Green Irish Dancer Dress Baby Vest Out of Stock
    Green Irish Dancer Dress Baby Vest
    As low as $19.95
    Out of stock
  5. Leprechaun Toe Baby Socks
    Leprechaun Toe Baby Socks
  6. Fisherman Ireland Wool Throw
  7. Green/Pink Shamrock Baby Booties Out of Stock
    Green/Pink Shamrock Baby Booties
    As low as $9.95
    Out of stock
  8. Irish Shamrock Wool Throw Out of Stock
    Irish Shamrock Wool Throw
    As low as $105.45
    Out of stock
  9. Baby Irish Shamrock Newborn Booties Out of Stock
    Baby Irish Shamrock Newborn Booties
    As low as $9.95
    Out of stock
  10. Kids Shamrock Socks
    Kids Shamrock Socks

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