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Ladies Ribbed Cable Knit Sweater


■ Our Ladies Ribbed Cable Sweater is a modern version of the classic Aran fisherman sweater, which has been iconic for over 100 years.
■ Distinctive V-shaped and cabled knit patterns make this gorgeous piece a head-turner.
■ Featuring a slim, feminine shape and hitting at the hip, our sweater is available in sizes XS through XXL.
■ Stay true to the original fisherman sweaters in the classic, creamy white, or go bold with vibrant navy blue.
■ To care for this sweater made of 100% Merino wool, hand wash only. Use mild detergent and lukewarm water. Lay flat to dry.



Stay warm with a little piece of Ireland this winter with our Ladies Ribbed Cable Knit Sweater. The gorgeous crewneck knit sweater is an homage to the classic Aran Island design in a modern and stylish package. 

Aran Islanders began producing their now-famous sweaters a little over 100 years ago to keep the local fisherman warm and dry while working out on the sea. Then, the sweaters were knit from undyed sheep’s wool, which was a creamy white and rich with lanolin, an oil that the sheep produced, which made the knits repel water. The iconic cables, zig-zags, and other patterns all have specific meanings, but the patterns also serve to make the sweaters bulkier, and thus, warmer than a single-ply knit. 

The dramatic knit V-shape that features so prominently on our beautiful knit sweater is bordered by a braided cable knit that represents the ropes of the Aran fishermen. Ribbing at the crew neck, wrists, and waist are a lovely testament to the knitters’ attention to detail. Created by Saol, an Irish knits company, this sweater is available in classic natural white, or a dramatic navy blue, and either color is sure to become an instant favorite as the weather continues to turn. 100% Merino wool construction means the garment is durable, incredibly soft, and warm, to boot, without sacrificing feminine style. A modern take on the classic Aran sweater shape, our Ladies Cable Sweater hits wearers at the hip. To keep your contemporary classic as a star player in your wardrobe, wash by hand using lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Reshape and lay flat to dry.