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Ladies Single Button Wool Coat

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  • Available in sizes S through XL, this cardigan is crafted to hang long and flatter all kinds of shapes and sizes.
  • Deep, cozy side pockets add a cozy and practical detail--sure to keep your hands warm no matter the circumstances
  • Available in a beautiful shade of green that is at once earthy and vibrant
  • The juxtaposition of shades in the plating effect, along with the traditional Aran stitching, adds an extra level of dimension and texture throughout.
  • 100% merino wool makes for a silky soft sweater that you will love to wear everywhere, every day--from office to evening, and everywhere you go.


Manufacturer: SAOL

Looking for a classy, sophisticated long sweater to make your look complete? Look no further than this Single Button Plaited Aran Coat. This gorgeous sweater coat is the perfect piece to round out your wardrobe--soft, cozy, warm, and versatile. It has it all. Not only will you look great in it, but you’ll also feel amazing when you wear it--both inside and out. 100% Merino Wool. Merino wool is the gold standard when it comes to textiles. Soft, absorbent, and all-natural, this type of wool is perfect for fabrics and knits that are made into clothing. If you have not had the privilege to experience merino yet, you are in for a treat. Merino’s small fibers give it the bend and twist that makes it perfect for all kinds of apparel. The softer nature of merino wool means that it does not poke and scratch at the skin, so you can wear it with confidence--no uncomfortable itchiness. Only soft, luxurious comfort. Aran Stitching Aran stitching is a unique style of knitting characteristic to the Aran Islands, found at the mouth of Galway Bay. While these knitting patterns are reflections of life on the sea, each particular stitch tells its own story to create a cohesive whole. This sweater features honeycomb and basket pattern stitches, commonly used by Aran fishermen and their families for centuries. Honeycomb stitching serves as a reminder of the industrious honeybee--a perennially hard worker who assures a reward for its honest labor. Basket stitches represent the fisherman’s basket--a sign of hope for abundant catches and a good harvest at sea. Diamond patterns also run through the torso of this cardigan, symbolizing the shapes of the mesh fishing nets used by the Aran fisherman, also representing success, wealth, and good fortune. Even better, this sweater is available in four striking colors, and the two-tone effect is achieved through the “plating” technique. Plaiting is achieved by knitting with two shades of yarn at once--the darker shade in the back, lighter shade in the front. This effect provides for contouring in all the right places, especially in the sleeves and side panels, and creates a slimming silhouette. More detailing provides this one-of-a-kind sweater with everything you’re looking for in a cardigan. Not only does it come alive with intricate knitting patterns and two-toned silhouettes, but it also features a gorgeous collar. The draped oversized collar is both relaxed and distinctive, made to keep out the chill. The one-button closure adds a sophisticated and unique detail that draws the eye to the collar line. Pair this cardigan with leggings and boots for a casual look, or with slacks for a more dressy option. No matter how you choose to wear it, you’re sure to get compliments!

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