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Charcoal Herringbone Harris Tweed Cap


■ Meticulously crafted using high-quality Harris Tweed wool, this flat cap guarantees durability and provides exceptional comfort, ensuring it remains a timeless accessory
■ Drawing inspiration from traditional Irish flat caps, this cap showcases the classic herringbone pattern that has been used for generations, instantly elevating any attire
■ The addition of a stud fastener enhances its functionality, while the velvety taffeta lining ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for daily wear
■ Whether as an addition to your wardrobe or as a gift for a dear one, this flat cap is perfect for anyone who appreciates classic designs, showcasing their love for Irish culture



Our Charcoal Herringbone Harris Tweed Flat Cap is the ideal accessory for any occasion, whether you're taking a stroll through the park or running errands. This cap is meticulously crafted by hand using the finest Harris Tweed wool, renowned for its exceptional quality and long-lasting durability, ensuring that it will keep you warm for many years to come.
Drawing inspiration from the traditional Irish flat cap, this accessory features a richly textured herringbone pattern in a timeless charcoal color. This classic pattern has been used for centuries and is sure to enhance any outfit.
The cap is designed with a practical stud fastener, allowing you to wear it in a full-bodied style or sloped at the front for a more sporty look. Additionally, the cap is lined with a smooth taffeta material, providing superior comfort and coziness.
With its exceptional craftsmanship, timeless design, and durability, this cap is a fantastic option that will stand the test of time. It makes for an excellent gift choice, whether for someone who appreciates classic design or wishes to showcase their love for Irish culture.