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Whether you’re looking for an Irish baseball cap, tweed schoolboy caps, snug beanies, tams, or a giant leprechaun hat - we’ve got ‘em all! For all the variety of hats, the common thread here is ultra high-quality, superior design, and lasting value.

Men’s Irish Hats from Ireland

Black Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat- For men who love to spend time pursuing hobbies of the outdoors or men who make their living out in nature, pieces like the cadet hats will not only provide practical benefits but also bring some handsome style to their rugged looks. The Ireland 1823 Cadet Hats are designed with square lines and a vertical shape that give them a distinguished, formal flair that is softened by the rich, acrylic fabric that helps insulate the head from the cold. The short brims at the front also add some “military” charm and personality.
Mucros Weaver Irish Fisherman's Cap Black- Another great option is this Mucros Weaver Cap which is designed in a traditional fisherman’s hat style with a bucket-shaped frame that fits securely on the head and a front brim that lends a modern touch. This hat is made of 100% cotton for comfort and breathability, and it is finished off with wax to make the hat waterproof, allowing it to provide protection from the elements on a rainy day or out on a boat.

Men’s Irish Tweed Caps

For a man who has more formal, sophisticated style, our selection of Irish flat caps will have something that suits his everyday look. Men can choose from handsome varieties of the tweed flat cap that boasts the timeless Irish cap silhouette that peaks in the back and slopes down toward the front for a streamlined effect, and it comes in monochromatic colors like grey and blue as well as dynamic patchwork designs that show off different colors, textures, and patterns like stripes and herringbone. Also available in solid tweed colors and patchwork designs are Donegal caps, which have sharper slopes and more tapered frames, as well as newsboy hats that have broader, fuller-bodied frames reminiscent of hats from back in the day.

Irish Wool Hats for Men

For the cold fall and winter seasons, we also have a fine selection of knit hats that will keep you nice and toasty outside.
Hats like the Ireland Bobble Knit Adult Hat and the Green Ireland Shamrock Crest Hat will help you express your Irish pride while keeping your head insulated, while pieces like the Guinness Signature Black Beanie celebrate the authentically Irish Guinness beer brand. These hats are made of quality fabrics like cotton and acrylic, which provide premium softness, breathability, and warmth. Some also feature fun details like playful bobbles at the top, and some are even reversible, offering two color schemes that let you get two looks in one piece!

Irish Baseball Caps

For a guy with simple yet cool style who likes to wear an essential baseball cap when he’s out and about, there’s a diverse range of baseball caps in our Men’s Irish Hats selection.
Adult Irish Tricolor Cap- for men who like to wear their Irish pride, this cap makes a great choices. It recreates the vibrant three stripes of green, white, and orange of the Irish national flag.
Ireland Badge Baseball Cap- this baseball cap comes in a festive Kelly green and white color scheme and features a crest of three shamrocks, with the shamrock being the national flower of Ireland.

Guinness Baseball Caps

Also available are Guinness baseball caps that come in various designs, such as the Guinness Foreign Stout Label Baseball Cap that comes in a bottle green distressed design, and the Guinness Black Label Cap, which comes in a crisp black color and displays a bold embroidered Irish harp in radiant gold stitching above the Guinness name, which is stitched in contrasting white lettering. As an added bonus, some of these fabulous baseball caps are designed with bottle openers built into the brims, so that any guy wearing one of these hats is automatically ready to pop open a bottle of Guinness anywhere he goes!

Whether your style is classically conservative, outdoor rugged, or actively sporty, our Men’s Irish Hats collection has a hat that will fit your look, mood, and lifestyle!

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  1. Vintage Herringbone Tweed Cap Out of Stock
    Vintage Herringbone Tweed Cap
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  2. Trinity Cap
    Trinity Cap
  3. Irish Linen Cap Donegal Touring Sand Color Out of Stock
    Irish Linen Cap Donegal Touring Sand Color
    As low as $62.45
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  4. Men's Aran Merino Wool Cable Knit Hat Out of Stock
    Men's Aran Merino Wool Cable Knit Hat
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  5. Men's Wool Cable Knit Hat with Shamrock Design Out of Stock
  6. Shamrock Men's Cable Knit Irish Wool Hat Out of Stock
  7. Malham Rugby 6 Nations Ski Hat Out of Stock
    Malham Rugby 6 Nations Ski Hat
    As low as $21.95
    Out of stock
  8. Irish Tweed Eight Piece Cap
    Irish Tweed Eight Piece Cap

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