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The best time of year to show off a little Irish flare, this St. Patrick’s Day apparel is exactly what you need to celebrate Ireland in style. With everything from cozy pullovers to stylish rugby’s, there is something authentically Irish to suit any individual’s style. 

Ireland Hooded Fleeces

There’s no simpler but prouder way to celebrate Ireland than to wear pieces that prominently bear the name of the country. Pieces like the Navy Ireland Adult Front Zipper Hooded Fleece and the Ladies Ireland Front Zipper Hooded Fleece do just that with bold block letters spelling out ‘IRELAND’ across the front. The Ladies fleece comes in a vibrant Kelly green with pink trim and a front pouch pocket, while the other fleece comes in a cool navy blue with contrasting lime green accents. For those who prefer sportier looks, there are also performance and soccer jerseys that come in green and beautifully display the official name of the Emerald Isle in vivid color. 

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Clothing

Many of the items in the St. Patrick’s Day Apparel collection also feature the shamrock, which is the national flower of Ireland. More than just a flower, the shamrock has been a symbol of strength throughout Ireland’s history that has rallied the Irish during trying times. One challenging moment was when Ireland was under oppressive British rule during the 19th century. During her reign, British monarch Queen Victoria outlawed the wearing of shamrock flowers in an effort to subdue Irish rebellion. However, her ban only gave the shamrock even more significance as a symbol of strength to the Irish. The shamrock also has a special history with the celebrated Irish saint, Saint Patrick. The patron saint of Ireland famously used the shamrock’s three heart-shaped leaves to teach the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity to Irish converts. A few of the items in this St. Patrick’s Day Apparel selection that beautifully show off the shamrock are:


  • Women's Aran Cable Knit Scarf with Shamrocks — This exquisite piece is knit from 100% Merino pre-treated wool, providing you with a super cozy, luxurious touch, guaranteeing you warmth and comfort. Comes in 3 various colors: Green, Natural and Navy, in this way you can accessorize any outfit with it.

  • Shamrock Men's Cable Knit Irish Wool Hat — For a dazzling holiday look on St. Patrick’s Day this hat is what you are looking for. The design of hat combines classic Aran Stitches and Shamrock Detailing for an authentic Irish look.

  • Ireland Green Shamrock Kids Sweater — For those who want to keep warm, comfy and being festive, this sweater is just the ideal choice. You will love the cream color contrasted with the cheerful green of the fluffy shamrock.

  • Shamrock Badge Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt — This shirt bears a distinguished shield of three green shamrocks over the left heart.

  • Ladies Shamrock Ankle Socks — As we all know the beauty is in the details, this is why these socks will make a delightful complement to your St. Patrick’s Day outfit.


Official Guinness Clothing & Accessories

Virtually synonymous with the nation of Ireland is Guinness, which is a must-have at any St. Paddy’s Day celebration. Guinness has a long history with Ireland that started way back on December 31st, 1759, which was the day that the beer founder, Arthur Guinness, signed an unbelievable 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Marked by its stately black entrance gate that displays the Guinness name and harp logo in striking gold lettering, the antique-style light posts that flank the gate, and the weathered brick road leading up to the gate, St. James’s Gate Brewery is a historic landmark in Ireland and is where Guinness is still made today.

Show off your love for the Guinness brand and for Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day with cool accessories like the Guinness Patchwork Cap or the Guinness Black Pint Fun Hat. For Guinness fans who like sophisticated or sporty looks, there is also the Guinness black and cream striped long-sleeve top, along with the Guinness Crew Neck Sweater in black. This black Guinness sweater and the Green Guinness Celtic Circle and Harp Logo t-shirt in particular feature bold illustrations of the Irish harp. This harp is not only part of the Guinness logo, but it is also one of the beloved symbols of Ireland. The Irish harp is proudly featured on many relics like coins and Irish flag emblems, but its history can be traced way back to Celtic civilization, when it was used to accompany the performance of songs and poetry. 

Top off your St. Patrick’s Day outfit with a classic tweed flat cap or official Guinness gear and show off your Irish spirit all year long. With shirts, hats, socks, jackets, hoodies, and more, this St. Patrick’s Day Clothing selection at Shamrock Gift has a variety of options to choose from to help you celebrate one of Ireland’s most famous holidays!

  • Traditional Craft Ladies Black Shamrock Ankle Socks T9314-OS ShamrockGift.com

    Ladies Black Shamrock Ankle Socks

    Bring on the Irish luck with these playful shamrock socks from Traditional Craft! These sassy shamrock socks are the perfect accessory to add some fun and personality to any outfit. These socks are black with green shamrocks and have a contrasting...

  • Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 ShamrockGift.com Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 ShamrockGift.com Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 ShamrockGift.com

    Guinness Patchwork Cap

    The definition of old school, this tartan Guinness flat cap is a salute to both Irish fashion and your great taste in beer! Please note that since this is a patchwork cap, the cloth pattern may vary from this image, since every patchwork cap is unique...

  • Traditional Craft Limited Green/Pink Box Ladies Shamrock Socks T9318-OS ShamrockGift.com Traditional Craft Limited Green/Pink Box Ladies Shamrock Socks T9318-OS ShamrockGift.com Traditional Craft Limited Green/Pink Box Ladies Shamrock Socks T9318-OS ShamrockGift.com

    Ladies Pink and Green Shamrock Ankle Socks

    These Irish socks from Traditional Craft are as cute as they are lucky! We love the whimsical shamrock print and the contrasting green and white with pink accents, as well as the fun bows on the side. The socks come in a soft cotton fabric that's...

  • Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat ShamrockGift.com

    Black Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat

    For a beanie with tailored but bold style, you'll want this Black Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat. This hat has the traditional look of a beanie but with a sturdy, rectangular frame that is paired with a short brim. An iconic Ireland 1823 patch with a shamrock...

  • Celtic Nation Baseball Cap Perspective View ShamrockGift.com

    Celtic Nation Ireland Baseball Cap

    This green baseball cap from Lansdowne truly stands out with a subtle textured vintage look that lends it personality and character. The word "Ireland" is displayed across the front in a lovely burnt orange with 'Celtic Nation' above it in white...

  • Embroidered Ireland Crest Knit Hat ShamrockGift.com

    Green Ireland Shamrock Crest Hat

    Keep your noggin warm this winter by donning this striped acrylic beanie hat from Lansdowne! The acrylic knit is soft and warm, and comes in a striking dark bottle-green with a complementary beige and brown stripe and a three-shamrock shield, which is...

  • Ireland Knitted Hat Front View White background ShamrockGift.com

    Adult Knit Hat with Shamrock and Ireland

    Keep warm and cozy with this awesome knit beanie from Lansdowne. The cotton fabric is soft and thick, and the green, navy blue and white colors add a festive and fun flair that complements the 'IRELAND' label displayed across the top. Wear the beanie...

  • Ireland Knit Hat With Horns ShamrockGift.com

    Ireland Adult Knit Hat with Viking Horns

    Two words: horned beanie. For a cold-weather accessory, you can't beat this playful hat. As a Lansdowne beanie hat alone, it's a piece of model quality: plush, thick polyester that's machine washable, and a vibrant green color with 'Ireland' in bold,...

  • Traditional Craft Emerald 3 Shamrocks Socks T9297-OS Shamrockgift.com

    Traditional Craft Emerald 3 Shamrocks Socks

    These charming green and white Traditional Craft Emerald 3 Shamrocks Socks are a great gift or present for yourself to remind you of Ireland every time you wear them. Made from a machine washable cotton blend with reinforced toes and heels, these socks...

  • Adult Sheep Irish Socks T9273-OS ShamrockGift.com

    Adult Sheep Irish Socks

    These adorable Irish cartoon sheep socks from Traditional Craft never fail to make us smile! With a festive green base accented with a black-trimmed toe, heel, and cuff, these socks are decorated with adorable sheep that will bring a smile to anyone...