Baptism is always a special event for the family and a milestone in anyone’s life. Because Irish culture is deeply rooted in Christianity, there are many old traditions built around baptism, such as giving the children to be baptized their first silver coin and saying blessings such as this: “A New born babe, brings light to the cottage, warmth to the hearth, and joy to the soul, for wealth is family—family is wealth.” Such an occasion requires a heartfelt, meaningful gift, and we’ve rounded up Irish-inspired items that would bring a smile to recently christened kids and their families.




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Aran sweaters have been around since the turn of the 20th century for good reason. They’re extremely comfortable, cozy, and durable, and anyone can wear them, from adults going about their day to toddlers practicing their first steps. Crafted in the timeless Aran style, this crew neck children’s sweater is made with 100% Merino wool that’s soft to the touch. It’s also practical—the fabric naturally adjusts to the temperature outside, providing the right kind of warmth during cold seasons.

For playful kids who love running around, parents won’t have to worry too because this sweater is bound to last a while! Aran sweaters traditionally last from generation to generation. One reason is meticulous craftsmanship. This sweater features sturdy Irish cable and honeycomb stitches, which represent abundance and good fortune. The crew neck design is simple and classic, and both boys and girls can wear it, with three colors available: parsnip, natural white, and denim blue.




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The Celtic cross embodies the uniqueness of Irish spirituality, which poetically infuses traditional Christianity with symbols, rituals, and mythologies from its pre-religious past. After a child’s christening, parents and child alike will appreciate this keepsake, which can be mounted easily to any wall in your home.

You’ve most likely seen this before, widespread as it is. Quite different from the traditional cross, its arms converge into a circle in the middle while being joined by a larger outer circle. This symbolizes the meeting of divine energies and the harmony that holds the world together. Other theories point out that the outer circle is similar to the halo of Jesus. The Celtic knots and painted green shamrocks hint at the Irish origins of the cross.




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For families with babies, they can never have too much of this one item: bibs. Cuddly as they are, babies can effortlessly create messes, whether they’re being finicky with their food or going through their teething stage. With all the attention demanded from them, parents definitely need as much help as they can get with taking care of their baby!

A baby bib is one of the most useful christening gifts out there—in fact, they’re major lifesavers. This particular baby bib comes with an Irish twang, and it pokes with good humor at an iconic Irish figure from folklore. Amidst a playful yellow background with green trim, the print reads: “The Leprechauns made me do it!” Green handprints—whether from leprechauns or mischievous children, it’s hard to tell—and bright-colored shamrocks also decorate the bib. Shamrocks have a special significance for baptism because St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, used them to represent the Trinity.




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Babies’ feet are delicate and still growing, so you won’t typically see them wearing shoes. Luckily, innovative people recognized at some point that babies still need to have some sort of footwear, and so they devised booties, which are halfway between shoes and socks.

These Irish shamrock booties are perfect for newborns. Aside from doing a great job of keeping a baby’s feet warm and all covered up with acrylic fabric, they feature a lovely color scheme of white and green, adding a pop of bright color to any baby outfit. The three-leaf clovers or shamrocks printed delicately on each bootie are a nod to Ireland. There are rich layers of history behind the shamrock, but two interpretations stand out. Its leaves can represent hope, faith, and love, but also the Christian Trinity: God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. For babies who’ve just entered the Christian community, it’s a great gift for making a subtle statement!




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A child’s christening is a special, once-in-a-lifetime moment where they become part of the Church’s community. Like all milestones, it deserves to be remembered with photos that the family can look back on in years to come. Even in the digital age, picture frames are still very much present in households because they’re a tangible reminder of cherished moments from the past.

This 5×7 pewter picture frame exudes elegance with its silver color and iconic Irish engravings. Beautiful memories should be preserved, and a pewter frame is quaintly appropriate for that since it doesn’t rust. The Celtic knots that adorn the frame signify the interconnectivity of all things in the universe and symbolize the infinite love of God and family.




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This Lady of Knock statue has two purposes–it looks good, and it exudes a sense of peace and serenity as it watches over the family. The details are sharp and precise, with some accents in 24-carat gold. Resembling white marble, it was made from Parian China by Belleek, which creates the oldest fine china pottery in Ireland.

Beyond the natural beauty of the statue, there’s an inspiring story behind her. The Lady of Knock was an apparition of the Virgin Mary back in 1879 in Knock, County Mayo, a small town that was poor but devoted to the faith. She was seen dressed in white, looking up to heaven while praying. Beside here were St. Joseph and St. John, and all three of them were floating two feet above the ground. Over two hours, around fifteen people bore witness to it. From then on, the town of Knock has attracted pilgrims from all over the world.




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Organic, nature-inspired soaps make for a whimsical and wholesome gift, and in this case, they come in an assorted pack as well, so the family can share them! Our package consists of three bar soaps made with all-natural vegetable oil, which protects, nourishes, and strengthens the skin. Because the body’s extremely familiar with its ingredients, vegetable oil is easily absorbed by the skin. As a bonus, the pure linen wrapping can double as an exfoliant, leaving a cleansed, luxurious feeling after the bath.

The three soaps inside are infused with lavender, rose, and heather and moss. Lavender soothes and quiets the mind—just the right mood you’d want when unwinding. On the other hand, rose is chic and romantic, with a strong floral scent, and heather and moss, which are both earthy, make for a great pick-me-up in the morning. You can give it right away, too, since everything’s already neatly packaged inside a gift bag!




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One look at this ornate metal spoon, and you know it’s very much Irish! An eye-catching feature is the inscription on the metal spoon, reading: “May the road rise up to meet you, and may the wind always be at your back.” These are the first couple of lines from an ancient Celtic prayer. Since Irish spirituality drew inspiration from images of nature, aside from the literal meaning of having a safe trip, it also means that God watches over you on your journey. For the newly christened, it’s a reassurance that God walks with them and welcomes them, with the wind being a metaphor for the Holy Spirit.

Four-leaf clovers are also engraved as a wreath around the blessing and on the handle and top of the spoon. Its four leaves are said to imbue hope, faith, love, and luck, and the Celtic knot accents recall the Holy Trinity.




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This cute sheep figurine will fit right into a child’s bedroom and can even become a beloved toy over the years! Modeled after the blackface sheep, it has gentle, doe-like eyes and characteristic fluffy white wool made with yarn, as well as four black stick legs that provide a stable foundation. As a finishing touch, it’s adorned with a green ribbon that has the word “Ireland” printed all over, along with a white shamrock to complement its wool.

The blackface sheep, originating from Scotland, is the top domestic breed in UK and is popular throughout Europe. Additionally, did you know that the sheep is also a symbol of Ireland, alongside shamrocks, leprechauns, and harps? Ireland, after all, has plenty of mountains and fields as far as the eye can see, and there are often sheep grazing around! In fact, a 2016 survey revealed that sheep outnumber people in Ireland.




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