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The Best Irish Songs to Play at Your Wedding

The Best Irish Songs to Play at Your Wedding

Posted by Brian Patrick O'Sullivan on 10th Jun 2019

Every culture, every country, has their own wedding traditions. And why not, it is one of the most important days in any person’s life. It symbolizes the bond and union of two people who love either, and are willing to go through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows together. It is a sacred and important union that has lasted through centuries, with redefinitions and cultural changes, reflecting their times. With Irish weddings there is no exception. In Ireland there is a deep, lasting bond between matrimony and their faith. Here, we will take a look at five commonly played Irish wedding songs. Songs have a way of bringing people together, invoke strong feelings and memories, especially at a wedding. If you are not familiar with these songs, the list can be used as a guide to help you understand them, and help you to gain a better appreciation for them. For those who are familiar with them, can look at these wedding songs with fond recollection. Some of these songs are a good mixture of modern and traditional songs. If you find any inspiration to use these songs, be our guest. Listen to these songs with love.

Nothing Compares 2 U — Sinéad O’Connor

The potent lyrics of Prince and the strong voice of Sinéad O’Connor has made “Nothing Compares 2 U” one of the most emotionally charged songs ever performed. In 1990, Sinead O’Connor did a cover from a song that Prince wrote and produced in 1984. Prince felt that she was right person to sing his version. Was he ever right. No matter who you are with, no matter how much time you spend with another, nothing compares to being with the one you love, the one you have vested your emotional stake with. No one should walk away from them. This song will cause a tear or two.

The Irish Wedding Song

How could one, have an Irish wedding, and not have The Irish Wedding Song? When you listen to the song, it has the feeling of an upbeat prayer. Here, it is a wish and blessing for the happy couple “May they find peace of mind comes to all who are kind”, “May God bless this couple who married today“, “May they know that riches are no need for wealth”. The song shows great positivity, love, and hope. Seeing the happiness in others, the love for one another. Hopefully the couple who has this song at their wedding, will be able to bring out the same good in others as this song does.

Sweetest Thing — U2

It is funny that one of the most commonly played songs at an Irish wedding, is actually an apology song. Bono wrote this song for his wife, because he forgot her birthday. To make up for it, Bono wrote “The Sweetest Thing” in 1998. Why is this song used for weddings? For all of the problems that they have been through, you will ride through the stormy love for the blue skies ahead. Marriage is about working through the flaws, bumps and tribulations, to see the deep bond you have together. She will make you pay for your sins, but it is worth it all for her love.

My Wild Irish Rose — Chauncey Olcott

It is one of most popular traditional songs in Irish culture, and a beautiful one as well. My Wild Irish Song, is not an Irish wedding song, but the song is still fir for the occasion. It is an ode to all of her great qualities, her beauty, her personality, is in comparison to the flower herself (her sweet scent, shy glances, dearer than the brightest star). It speaks of what she does to him, how she (Rose) makes him feel. How no one can compare to her, and no one ever will. Her name doesn’t have to be Rose, but if you do find your wild Irish Rose, this is a perfect song to choose.

All I Want Is You — U2

How often have we said that we want to give someone we love the stars, the moon, and everything that goes with it. In All I Want Is You, U2 sings about the promises we make to another, “Diamonds on a ring of gold”, “A highway with no one on it”, “Eyes in a moon of blindness”, but at end of it all, what is truly worth it with someone we care about, is to be with them, and nothing more. The true measure of wealth and happiness, is to have someone to love. This sends the message, for everything that happens, they want you to be by their side.