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For over thirty years, Mucros Weavers have been producing high-quality woven accessories that have proven to be very popular.

Mucros Weavers Ireland Collection

Individually woven, with a quality finish, Mucros Weaver scarves are not only colorful scarves but are all made from premium yarns including alpaca and wool. Browse these beautiful designs today! Some of the popular favorites among Shamrock Gift’s selection of Mucros Weavers pieces are the chic hats for both men and women!

Mucros Weavers Flat Caps for Men

For the men and also women, there is a wide range of traditional Irish caps, including flat caps and fishermen’s caps.

Mucros Weavers Brown and Green Patch Flat Cap is an excellent choice for a cap that can match with anything. This hat is made of 100% wool, which is not only ideal for cold weather but also for warmer weather. While it can insulate the head from harsh fall and winter winds, it also wicks moisture away to keep you cool, which is perfect for hotter weather. The wool in this hat features sophisticated patchwork patterns like tweed and herringbone in various hues of green and brown. These patches come together to form the classic peak-style flat cap silhouette with sewn fastening, which will look great on anyone. The flat brim at the front adds a clean definition to the frame of the cap while also creating some vintage newsboy flair. The interior of the hat is just as lovely as the exterior, as it is finished with a quilted lining that feels luxurious to the touch.

Mucros Weaver Irish Fisherman's Cap in Black- for an everyday hat that is different from the typical baseball cap, this mucros weavers hat will make a great addition to any man’s accessory collection. This cap is full of Irish charm and character that will have anyone standing out in a rugged style. It is made of 100% cotton for comfort and breathability. This cotton is finished off with wax to make the hat waterproof, so it will keep your head protected from the elements on a rainy day or if you’re out fishing on a boat. This hat is designed in a traditional fisherman’s hat style, with a bucket-shaped frame that fits securely on the head and a front brim that gives it a modern touch.

Mucros Weavers Hats for Women

For women, there are several trendy and dainty hats to choose from.

One, in particular, is the Mucros Weavers Irish Hat Denim Flapper Style, which is the perfect mix of vintage style and modern design. This hat is crafted from 100% wool, and what makes this hat wonderfully elegant is a sophisticated herringbone pattern in a soft denim blue color that not only brings out the pattern’s fine texture but also highlights the sharp silhouette of the classic flapper style hat, which consists of a chic bucket base that is paired with a short brim. Complementing the tapered look of this hat is a band detail across the front that is decorated with a silver-toned metal buckle at the side that contrasts wonderfully with the wool in both texture and color. It is finished off with an elasticized band in the back for adjustable comfort.

A Mucros Weavers Scarf for Everybody

An essential must-have for fall and winter weather is a scarf, and the Mucros Weavers collection at Shamrock Gift has a splendid assortment of colorful scarves that will enhance any fall or winter ensemble.

Mucros Weavers Alpaca Irish Scarf is a fabulous choice which is made of 100% alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is a type of fiber from alpacas that is similar to sheep’s wool but offers more beneficial features. A few of these features include insulating warmth superior to that of sheep’s wool, a texture similar to cashmere that makes it exceptionally soft, and natural luster. It is also hypoallergenic, lightweight, and waterproof. This scarf is designed with an eye-catching, color block design with a classic look that includes a lovely tassel trim at the borders to add elegance and style to any outfit. The body of the scarf consists of vertical black, gray, tan, and cream stripes that are decorated themselves with smaller diagonal stripes that give the scarf some dynamic edge.

Muckross Weaving Skellig Multi-Color Scarf- accessorize your look with this scarf to add a splash of color to a dull outfit that will make you shine like a rainbow. This scarf shows off a cheerful striped design full of eye-catching, three-dimensional texture.

As can be seen from this selection of Mucros Weavers items we offer nothing less than premium quality and sharp style. These items will upgrade any man’s or woman’s wardrobe and make the best gifts!

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