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Celtic Collection Charm - Harp

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  • Metal Celtic Collection Harp Charm
  • Dimensions: 1 cm T x 0.8 cm W
  • Clip-On Hook
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

For a simple way to capture and carry the great culture and history of Ireland everywhere you go, accessorize your look and belongings with this Celtic Collection Harp Charm.

This charm is made of durable metal and boasts an elegant polish that shines under any light. This charm is a mini replica of a harp, a proud symbol of Ireland. The harp has a history with the Emerald Isle that goes way back to ancient Celtic civilization, during which the Celts used this instrument to accompany the singing of psalms and reciting of poetry.

Today, the harp is incorporated into many Irish designs, such as that for Irish beverages and flags. Measuring 1 centimeter tall and 0.8 centimeter wide, this charm is petite but will not go unnoticed with its classic design.

It is also fitted with an easy-to-use clip-on hook that allows it to be quickly fastened to anything, including a bracelet, backpack, wallet, purse, and more!

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