Guinness Embossed Pint Glass


■ Guinness Embossed Pint Glass
■ Capacity: 20 Imperial Ounces (568 ml)
■ Shamrock Gift Company Collection
■ Designed in Ireland
■ Official Guinness Merchandise



If you prefer to enjoy your Guinness beer by drinking it from a glass rather than a bottle, then this Guinness Embossed Pint Glass is a must-have for you! This glass will turn heads with its classic but striking tulip shaped silhouette that features graceful curves and sculpted details on the front and back.

On the front is the distinguished Guinness logo, with the Guinness name in white block letters and the signature golden Irish harp above. On the back is another Irish harp in a lovely embossed design. As an imperial pint glass, this piece holds 20 imperial fluid ounces, or 568 milliliters.

The Guinness brand began and also made great history on December 31st, 1759, which was the day that founder Arthur Guinness signed a stupendous 9,000-year lease for the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, where Guinness beer is still made to this day.

Make this glass a fresh addition to your home bar!