Guiness Golf Tees


■ 20 Black and White Pint Tees
■ 100% Wood
■ Guinness Logo



These Guinness Golf Tees make an extremely thoughtful gift if you are looking for something unique for the golf fanatic in your life. Perhaps you are the Guinness lover and want a way to show your love and allegiance to all things Guinness. Whatever the reason you decide to buy this 20-pack of tees, you will be delighted with them. In fact, these 20 black and white tees resemble full headed pints of Guinness!

These high-quality golf tees are made of wood. You don’t have to be Irish to love this product; you just have to love good quality, enjoy golf, and the occasional pint. Guinness has come to symbolize style, wit, good humor, and a great way of life!