null sells a wide range of Guinness bottle openers so that you’ll never have the embarrassment of unpreparedness again. Whether you’re drinking bottled soda or bottled beer, having a bottle opener handy is crucial to quenching your thirst. And while some can make do with a tabletop or plastic lighter to get the cap off, we recommend using an actual bottle opener, purpose-built to avoid any accidental mishaps.

Shamrock Gift Guinness Bottle Opener Collection

Our selection of Guinness openers is the best around, constructed for popping bottle ease and ergonomic comfort. Official Guinness merchandise, these Guinness bottle openers usually do double duty in the form of fridge magnets, key chains, and more, so you’ll never have to search desperately for a make-do opener again. There are several styles and designs to choose from.

Guinness Bottle Opener Keyrings

For convenience, we like the line of Guinness bottle opener key chains so that, as long as you don’t forget your keys, you’ll never be without a bottle opener. There are several styles available, including our favorites
Guinness Ireland Bottle Cap Keyring- which is shaped like a bottle cap with the Guinness Extra Stout logo on the top, and a cleverly hidden bottle cap opener on the underside.
Guinness Original Flip Down Bottlecap Opener Keyring- the flip-down version of the Guinness cap opener - brushed metal version. There are also other options of cap opener that come in a black and tan vintage Guinness Extra Stout logo, a sleek black design with Arthur Guinness’s signature, and even a version from the Guinness Greenline, with the classic stout logo updated in green and written in Gaelic lettering for an authentic Irish feel.
Guinness Keyring Bottle Opener- a traditional keychain bottle opener cut from a single piece of metal with a Guinness pint glass added for extra flair.
Guinness Pint 3D Opener Keyring- our favorite Guinness keychain bottle opener engraved to look like a foreshortened pint glass. The handle of the opener is the pint, and the opening to pry away your bottle cap forms the head of the beer. It’s a clever take on the classic bartender’s bottle opener that you can carry wherever you go.

Guinness Magnet Bottle Openers

For those of you looking to add a bit of Guinness merchandise to your home or bar, we also offer a range of Guinness magnet bottle openers. Our magnet bottle openers are perfect for keeping on your fridge so you’ll never have to go far when you pull out that perfectly chilled glass of beer. With options styled like Guinness bottles and others with the official Guinness harp logo and Extra Stout logo, there’s plenty to choose from depending on your taste and needs.
Guinness Ruby Red Collection Bottle Opener Magnet- features the classic Guinness logo embossed on the gold medal with red detailing throughout and makes an elegant addition to your home bar.
Guinness Pint Magnet Bottle Opener- this stunning, useful hybrid magnet/bottle opener comes in the shape of a creamy pint of Guinness stout.
Guinness Toucan Bottle Opener Magnet- this magnet bottle opener makes a perfect gift for Guinness fans, toucan lovers. Featuring a colorful toucan.
Guinness Metal Magnet Girder- this magnet is made of rectangular durable metal featuring in the center in bold “GUINNESS IRELAND,” lettering and the line “Established 1759 in St James’s Gate”.

Guinness Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

With the Guinness wall mounted openers, which come in silver and gold versions, you can feel like a real Irish bartender, popping lids just by prying the bottle away from the wall. Relive your soda fountain days, or fantasize about opening your alehouse whenever you use it. Made from a durable metal alloy, these openers are specially designed to withstand the rigor of fast service and constant wear.
Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener from Guinness- this alluring wall-mounted bottle opener from Guinness is made from a high quality cast iron metal and comes with two mounting screws.
Guinness Ireland Gold Wall Mount Bottle Opener/Cap Catcher- this dazzling wall mounted bottle opener comes in a vibrant gold color in a rectangular shape and features the iconic Guinness logo across the front.
Guinness Green Bottle Opener- elegant, simple, and convenient, this bottle opener is a keeper for all those who enjoy Guinness quality.

Though Guinness is best enjoyed straight from the tap, there’s no discounting the brewery’s limited ranges of specialty bottled offerings that can’t be found on any draught lines. If you want to taste the whole range of Guinness beer, a bottle opener becomes a necessity. And with a history dating back to 1759, the brewery is increasingly turning to the archives to release new bottled beers. Get your Guinness bottle opener today and enjoy your newest brew tomorrow.

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  • Guinness Bottle Cap Catcher GNS5144 Guinness Bottle Cap Catcher GNS5144

    Guinness Signature Cap Catcher

    This practical yet striking stainless steel cap catcher from Guinness is a sharp, useful addition to any bar, whether home or professional! This catcher serves as a convenient container for discarded bottle caps, and it is best utilized by mounting it on...

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    Guinness Flip Bottle Opener Keyring GNS2084B Guinness Flip Bottle Opener Keyring GNS2084B

    Guinness Flip Bottle Opener Keyring

    For Guinness beer lovers who are always on the go, this charming keyring is a must-have. This cool little metal key ring from Guinness is crafted into the shape of a black bottle cap that bears an authentic Guinness Extra Stout logo. Cleverly designed...

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    Guinness Ireland Flip Down Keyring GNS5351 Guinness Ireland Flip Down Keyring GNS5351 Guinness Ireland Flip Down Keyring GNS5351

    Guinness Ireland Flip Down Bottle Opener Keyring

    A small yet festive memento of Irish pride, this Guinness Ireland Flip Down Bottle Opener Keyring is from the Guinness Ireland Collection. This keyring is finely designed into the shape of a Guinness bottle cap that is painted in a lovely glossy green...

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    Guinness Toucan PVC Spinner GNS2233B Guinness Toucan PVC Spinner GNS2233B Guinness Toucan PVC Spinner GNS2233B

    Guinness Toucan PVC Spinner

    For a fun keyring and souvenir from Ireland that also celebrates an iconic Irish beer, add this Guinness Toucan PVC Spinner Keyring to your key collection! This piece is made of metal and PVC and shines under the light with a silver-toned glow. It...

    Was: $9.90
    Now: $4.98
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