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Did you know that is the current home of the largest collection of official Guinness merchandise on the world wide web? If it’s evidence you’re looking for, search no further than our massive catalog of premium Guinness glassware. This range has a drink receptacle for every occasion, and is the perfect place to source your next fun personal buy or the ideal gift for a friend or family member who holds Ireland close in their heart!

Why are Tulip Glasses the Best Glassware for Guinness?

First brewed by Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, Ireland, in 1759, Guinness dry stout has since become one of the most successful beverage brands in the entire world; it’s now being brewed in almost 50 countries, and available in over 120. Not bad for a drink with humble beginnings in a little island on the western edge of Europe! In all of the time since then, Guinness’s classic tang has tickled the tastebuds of beer connoisseurs on an international scale. However, for almost as long as that, the company’s charming -- and undeniably -- aesthetic has been charming the masses, too. A large part of this comes down to the glasses the stout is served in: notably, the signature Guinness tulip glass, which is instantly-recognizable thanks to its prominent presence in pubs all over the world. This is because the tulip glass plays an essential role in making the drink itself taste so good! "How?" you ask. Well, the answer lies with science: the glass is specifically-designed to manipulate the bubbles in the stout to tasty perfection. Here at, we’ve got a massive range of Guinness tulip glasses, including multipacks, limited-edition versions, and half-pint sizes. Perfect for any ambitious soul with an ambition towards setting up their home bar!

Guinness Glass & Ceramic Tankards

For an extra element of visual drama, why not snap up one of our Guinness brand drink tankards? These handsome glasses look incredibly impressed when filled up to the rim with a frothy dose of the Black Stuff, and are well-made and thick, with structured glass handles and stunning cut glass medallion bottoms that make the light glisten. As a bonus, many of our Guinness tankards also come with premium pewter logos attached to their front, which bear the official Guinness Celtic embossed harp logo. It’s authenticity at its finest! Try some of our beloved tankards:
Guinness Tankard with Pewter Logo- this traditional tankard is premium barware coming with thick Glass Handle and pewter logo.
Guinness Label Tankard- for those who love enjoying more Guinness this lovely Guinness dimpled glass tankard is the perfect old-school accessory.
Guinness Ireland Tankard with Metal Badge-this wonderfully crafted tankard is designed with a chunky glass handle, a gleaming, raised metal logo in green and black.
Guinness Ireland Dimpled Tankard- this Guinness tankard is made from a superior-quality, thick glass that will keep your drink cold while lending it a nice vintage look.

Shop the Guinness Mug Collection

If you’re on the hunt for drinkware of the non-alcoholic kind, don’t click away before taking a look at our huge selection of Guinness tea cups and mugs. Charming, fun, and made of only the highest quality materials, these pieces make a wonderful addition to any kitchen cupboard and bring a uniquely Irish touch to any coffee break. Our personal favorite is the Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug featuring the iconic Guinness toucan. He was designed in the 1930s by English artist John Gilroy -- and, as you can surely see from our selection of Guinness mugs here at Shamrock Gift, it wasn’t long before this bright-beaked fellow became as iconic an image of the Guinness brand as the official harp logo itself! Later, in the 1940s, he even featured in a Guinness jingle on television: “Toucans in their nests agree / Guinness is good for you / Try some today and see / What one or toucan do!”

Ready to stock your kitchen or home bar from top to bottom with our amazing line of official Guinness drinkware glasses? Don’t hesitate; the choices are many, and we can promise that the prices you find here won’t be matched anywhere else online. Happy browsing -- and, most importantly, cheers!

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