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Shop’s collection of Guinness mugs, Guinness tankards, and Guinness travel tumblers. Our gorgeous selection of mugs from Guinness are perfect for sipping coffee, tea, and even your favorite dark stout.

Official Guinness Mugs Made in Ireland

With a variety of styles to choose from, including glass tankards, ceramic, and enamel coffee mugs, and plastic travel mugs, there’s something for any Guinness lover. All Guinness mugs are officially licensed Guinness merchandise and feature an array of original and trademarked Guinness logo, Guinness toucan, the signature of Arthur Guinness and more.

Guinness Harp Design Mugs

As one of Ireland’s best-known brands, Guinness has been in operation since 1759 when founder Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on an area of Dublin known as St. James’s Gate. That brewery is still in operation today and serves as Guinness headquarters, with more than 8,000 years to go before the lease is up. No matter where you travel in the world, Guinness and its trademark harp logo is a sure signifier of all things Irish, with Irish pubs being as often marked by merely a Guinness sign as a shamrock. Ironically, though the Guinness harp logo is ubiquitous today, Guinness didn’t adopt it until the middle of the 19th century and didn’t even advertise it’s a beer for the first several decades of its existence, instead of relying on word of mouth to provide sales. Guinness mugs featuring the Harp are truly cheerful and sleeky, that’s why you can add one to your kitchen collection.
Guinness Signature Mug- you will simply adore this Guinness mug. Crafted to perfection, this black mug proudly displays the Guinness harp logo on the front and back.
Guinness Black Signature Mug 2 Pack- this mug set comes with a cream interior and sleek black exterior color with a glossy finish, ideal to make your day even better.
Guinness Label Barrel Mug- this ceramic mug boasts a sleek design that features a striking curved, barrel shape in sharp black color.

It’s curious to think about, given how recognizable Guinness ads are today, but in the 18th century, the brewery’s proximity to the Dublin docks and dock workers allowed for all the sales they needed.

Guinness Enamel Mugs

Our Guinness mugs come in a number of styles and designs, from the contemporary, sleek harp to the vintage-inspired logo of a worn, yet detailed harp that references the first use of the design in the 1800s.
Guinness Enamel Mug Label Cream- made of enamel, this cylindrical shaped mug boasts a classic design with a vintage feel that makes it collection-worthy.
Guinness Enamel Mug Label Black- painted in a polished black color inside and out, this mug bears a distressed-style Guinness logo on the front in a classy cream color.

Guinness Toucan Mugs

Our Guinness collection also features a unique Guinness Toucan Mug. This gorgeous Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug features a toucan balancing a pint of Guinness atop its beak. Made of Ceramic it’s sure to last a long time.
Our collection of tea and coffee mugs are ideal gifts for the person who wants a little comedy with their morning routine. And our selection of tankards calls back to traditional drinking vessels when Irish and English law required beer mugs to have handles and lids for sanitation purposes.

Classic Guinness Dimpled Pint Glasses

For those looking for more recent nostalgia, we also offer a classic dimpled pint glass, common in Irish and British pubs through the 1970s and recognizable by their short, bulbous shape and dimpled exterior. Supposedly, this was a unique design that made it easier for bartenders to grab the wet mugs out of the wash without slipping and causing breakage. In fact, it’s only within the past 30 years that pubs have nearly universally adopted the handle-less pint glass, with glass tankards being the norm, though they can still be found in some old-school bars around the U.S. and Ireland. When Guinness first began production, they tried to brew just about every type of beer known to Ireland at the time, but soon settled on a simple dark beer that became known as a porter, so-called because it was popular among the dockside porters who drank it. Eventually, the word stout became synonymous with the beer, as a way of differentiating it from lighter “porter” beers, and the two have now diverged in meaning, thanks, in large part, to the evolution of Guinness itself. In fact, it was the Guinness Porter that became known in Ireland simply as “a pint of plain,” made famous by the Flann O’Brien poem, “The Workman’s Friend.” Though Guinness officially ceased production on this beer in the mid-20th century, they have brought back other versions of it as novelty beers in recent years. Today, their biggest beers are Guinness Draught and Guinness Extra Stout, both of which have taken over the mantle of the pint of plain.

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  • Guinness Enamel Mug Label Black GNS5428 Guinness Enamel Mug Label Black GNS5428

    Guinness Enamel Mug Label Black

    For a Guinness accessory that is not only useful but adds some unique antique style to your dining décor, bring this Guinness Black Enamel Label Mug to your kitchen! Measuring 9.5 centimeters tall and 9.5 centimeters wide, this enamel mug features...

  • Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug GNS2598 Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug GNS2598

    Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug

    Add a bit of whimsy to your daily tea or coffee routine with this Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug. Featuring classic Guinness’s toucan logo and Arthur Guinness’s signature embossed in fine ceramic and brilliantly painted, the mug is...

  • Official Guinness Label Travel Mug GNS2481 Official Guinness Label Travel Mug GNS2481

    Guinness Desk Mug

    This useful, good-looking travel mug from Guinness is well-insulated, which means that your tea or coffee will stay warm, and a cold drink will stay cool throughout the day. The lid seals tightly around the rim, and the mug's PVC exterior displays the...

  • Guinness Ireland Enamel Mug GNS5365

    Guinness Ireland Green Enamel Mug

    Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in this throwback Guinness Ireland Green Enamel Mug. An official piece of Guinness merchandise, this 10 oz mug has everything you need to feel extra Irish. It’s cream and green color scheme, Guinness trademark harp...

  • Guinness Enamel Mug Label Cream GNS5427 Guinness Enamel Mug Label Cream GNS5427

    Guinness Enamel Mug Label Cream

    Make your love for the Guinness brand part of your morning routine with this Guinness Cream and Enamel Label Mug. Made of enamel, this mug boasts a classic design with a vintage feel that makes it collection-worthy. Featuring a standard cylindrical...

  • Guinness Pottery Mug - Label GNS5576 Guinness Pottery Mug - Label GNS5576

    Guinness Pottery Mug - Label

    If you prefer to enjoy your favorite brew of Guinness beer in a mug instead of a glass, then you will love this Guinness Label Pottery Mug. This ceramic mug boasts bold design with a vintage flair that is hard to find nowadays. It comes in a glossy black...

  • Guinness Ireland Tankard Mug GNS5344

    Guinness Ireland Tankard Mug

    This handsome, gleaming green ceramic mug from the Guinness Ireland Collection is the perfect size for a delicious cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning! The mug features a Guinness Extra Stout label on the front, and it is incredibly sturdy and finely...

  • Guinness Large Embossed Mug GNS2597 Guinness Large Embossed Mug GNS2597

    Guinness Large Black Embossed Mug

    This large, handsome ceramic mug from Guinness is the perfect thing to keep your coffee or tea warm. It's dishwasher and microwave safe, and it comes with a beautifully embossed cream label featuring the Guinness Extra Stout logo and emblem on both sides...

  • Guinness Label Barrel Mug GNS5133 Guinness Label Barrel Mug GNS5133

    Guinness Label Barrel Mug

    Make your mornings more Irish with this spirited Guinness Label Barrel Mug! This ceramic mug boasts a unique design that features a striking curved, barrel shape in a sharp black color that contrasts beautifully with the mug’s cream-colored...

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