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There’s nothing quite like sipping a delicious drink in a gorgeous tankard. Hot or cold, the beauty of the tankard is the handle, helping you stay comfortable while you drink. These beautiful Guinness tankards, including both ceramic mugs and glasses, take the cake, presentation-wise.

Ultimate Guinness Tankards Selection

We love them all, from the dimpled glass tankards to the embossed glasses, to the ceramic mugs and pewter logos. Whether you’re looking for a new coffee mug for your morning routine, or you want to drink beer the way it used to be drunk, we’ve got a great selection of Guinness mugs and Guinness tankard pint glasses to choose from.

Guinness Tankards Crafted with History in Mind

There’s a good reason that the Guinness brand has been doing business since Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year brewery lease way back in 1759 in Dublin’s St. James’s Gate area: the company delivers a premium product. Whether it’s a delicious black stout or the pint glass you’re drinking it in, Guinness never skimps on quality. All our Guinness tankards are official Guinness merchandise, made with the same care and detail that is brought to bear on brewing its signature Guinness Draught and Extra Stout. And, with a history of more than 260 years, the brewery has a lot of modern and vintage logos and designs to put anywhere they want, which is what makes these tankards so special. They draw from the entire history of Guinness logos and advertisements, creating unique mugs and pint glasses that are sure to be as much a conversation piece as a practical drinking vessel.

Guinness Ceramic Tankards

Some of the great Guinness ceramic tankards logos include the Guinness Extra Stout logo, with the trademark Guinness harp at the top, but even this logo has changed throughout the years, and we have several versions, available in the Guinness Ruby Red collection and the Guinness Green Gaelic collection, which features the logo written in classic Gaelic script, adding a bit of Celtic authenticity to the design.
Guinness Ireland Ceramic Tankard- this green colored tankard is made from high-quality earthenware and is a fantastic way to keep any drink cold.
Guinness Ireland Tankard Mug- this tankard mug features a Guinness Extra Stout label on the front, and it is incredibly sturdy and finely crafted.
Guinness Ruby Red - Ceramic Tankard - Embossed- this incredibly beautiful Guinness tankard is made out of white ceramic and features an embossed recreation of the Guinness St. James Gate label.
Guinness Ruby Red - Ceramic Tankard - Printed-this white ceramic tankard bears the Guinness name in bold white block letters across the center, with the signature Irish harp at the top.

The tankard was the standard way to drink beer for centuries, with some of the oldest tankards made from wood and dating back to the time of the Black Plague, when some scholars believe the first covered tankards came into use as a way to prevent the spread of disease. They were in wide use in pewter, ceramic, and glass through the mid-20th century, when they became replaced by traditional tulip-shaped pint glasses popular in Belgium. Famously, George Orwell hated the transition to handle-less pint glasses, writing in his 1946 essay that the ideal pub is “particular about their drinking vessels… and never, for example, make[s] the mistake of serving a pint of beer in a handleless glass.” You can go back to this glorious past with any of our Guinness tankards, whether you want ceramic or glass.

Guinness Freezer Tankards

One of our favorite tankards is freezable, allowing you to store it in your freezer until needed, creating the perfect cold glass to keep whatever you’re drinking at the ideal refreshing temperature. You can collect them all, or give them as gifts to friends who want to have a new way to enjoy a pint in their own home. These are a great conversation piece and even better for imbibing.

Shop our collection of Guinness tankards today and bring home the history and heritage of one of Ireland’s best-loved and most recognizable brands, whether you fancy a pint or not. Shamrock Gift is proud to host the largest selection of Guinness souvenirs and accessories available in the United States, so don’t forget to browse our complete selection of official Guinness merchandise, including Guinness apparel, Guinness barware and kitchenware, and Guinness signs and wall art. Shipping is always fast and standard shipping always 100 percent free.

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  3. Guinness Ireland Tankard Mug
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    Guinness Label Tankard
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    Guinness Desk Mug
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    Guinness Ireland Tankard with Metal Badge
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    Guinness Freezer Tankard
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    Guinness Large Travel Mug Cream Cap
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    Guinness Ireland Dimpled Tankard
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