Did you know that is currently home to the largest selection of Guinness merchandise available on the web? Well, if you didn’t, now you do! For lovers of the Black Stuff, our massive online catalog is a veritable treasure trove of products made in celebration of this iconic Irish drink. This includes a line of fun and funky Guinness magnets, which come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, materials, functionalities, and motifs. So what do they all have in common, you might ask? The answer is simple: as well as being official Guinness Brewing Company items, each of these magnets is wonderfully attractive to behold, and is made with only the highest quality materials. That’s right; magnets just went premium! Established in 1759 by the lovingly-remembered Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, the Guinness brand has always been known for its ability to stand out from the crowd. This applies to everything from the look of the drink itself (who can resist that stormy-black color and creamy white head?), to the specific shape of the pint glasses it’s served in, to the logos and images it has been associated with over the course of its 250+ history.

Classic Guinness Fridge Magnets

A great many of our top-shelf magnets, for example, come bearing the image of the Celtic harp, a symbol that has been used to represent Ireland on an international level since the Middle Ages. In the 1800s, the Guinness brand adopted the likeness of the Trinity College Harp (an ancient Celtic harp still stored and available for viewing in the Dublin university) as its official logo. Since then, the symbol has become as much associated with Guinness as it is with Ireland itself -- which in turn has helped cement Guinness as the most undeniably Irish drink in the world. Take for example these sleek magnets:
Guinness Chrome Pint Magnet- made of chrome, this magnet is sleek and stylishly recreates a classic glass of Guinness including the Guinness Logo.
Guinness Extra Stout Magnet- crafted from metal, this magnet features an embossed Guinness Extra Stout Label, which includes the iconic Guinness Harp.
Guinness Resin Magnet Road Sign Pint- this sign is designed like an Irish road sign but with inverted colors featuring a full Guinness pint glass.
Guinness Fridge Magnet Bottle- this Guinness magnet shows off a genuine Guinness brand logo, as well as the signature of Guinness founder Arthur Guinness.

By displaying one of our Guinness harp magnets on your fridge, you’re not merely showcasing your love for this delicious, historic stout: you’re keeping your proud love of the Emerald Isle out in the open, ready for all to see.

Guinness Toucan Magnets

Alternatively, if you prefer something more cartoonishly charming to accentuate your kitchen’s decor, why not check out our plentiful array of magnets that take their inspiration from iconic Guinness advertisements of the 1930s and 40s? These colorful images, most of which feature a series of Guinness-loving zoo animals, were originally the creation of English artist John Gilroy. While most of these delightful mascots have had their moment in the limelight at some point or another, there’s no doubt that the most easily recognized around the world today is the Guinness toucan. This bright-beaked fellow first appeared alongside catchy poster slogans, including “Lovely Day for a Guinness.” He even made his debut television appearance in the 1940s, in an ad which ran with the following jingle: “Toucans in their nests agree / Guinness is good for you! / Try some today and see / What one or toucan do.” Pick up a magnet featuring this quirky bird, and you’ll never tire of seeing his cheeky grin as you head for the fridge in the morning!
Guinness Toucan Bottle Opener Magnet- this magnet/bottle opener makes a perfect gift for Guinness fans and toucan lovers. Featuring a vividly colored toucan.
Guinness Ireland Road Sign Magnet- this high quality resin sign magnet features the famous Guinness toucan balancing a pint of delicious black stout on his beak and Dublin, Ireland, Guinness sign.
Guinness Nostalgic Magnet 3 Pack- this alluring set of three magnets are made of epoxy, and they feature past classic Guinness advertisements.

Guinness Bottle Opener Magnets

Lastly, for the truly avid Guinness drinkers out there, we have included a huge variety of premium magnets featuring handy bottle-opener features.
Guinness Magnet Bottle Opener- this gorgeous and useful magnet and beer opener comes in the shape of a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout
Guinness Metal 3D Magnet Opener- made of sturdy, silver-toned metal, the magnet makes a great gift for Guinness lovers.
Guinness Extra Stout Magnet Opener- this three-dimensional magnet opener comes in the shape of a real Guinness bottle.
Guinness Ireland PVC Opener Magnet- made of PVC, this black-and-green magnet is a miniature replica of a Guinness Extra Stout.

This ingenious addition is perfect for when you feel like cracking open a cold one after a long, hard day at work, or want to keep the tool within easy reach at parties and other social gatherings. It really is the subtle but convenient thing like this that sets selection of Guinness fridge magnets apart from the rest!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and explore our ocean of Guinness Magnets choices now. Whether you’re buying for yourself, a family member, or a dear, Guinness-loving friend, you’re guaranteed to find a piece to be treasured forever!

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