Love it or hate it (but of course, you love it!), there’s no denying that Guinness is a drink that’s inextricably tied to the colorful and intricate history of Ireland. First brewed by Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, Ireland, in 1759, this dry stout has become one of the most successful beverage brands in the entire world; it’s now being brewed in in almost 50 countries, and available in over 120. Not bad for a drink with humble beginnings in a little island on the western edge of Europe! For over two and a half centuries, Guinness’s classic tang has tickled the tastebuds of beer connoisseurs on an international scale.

Decorate Your Home or Bar with Guinness Wall Art

However, for almost as long as that, the company’s charming -- and often outrageous -- ad campaigns have been tickling funny bones, too! Here, we at Shamrock Gift are delighted to supply a vast range of Guinness wall art, each piece reflecting a classic image that once did its part to endear the Black Stuff to the public. Some of these images are so iconic that even non-drinkers are intimately familiar with their amusing characters, fun phrases, and color schemes, proving that the Guinness company’s advertising prowess has always been top-notch, to say the least!

Vintage “A Guinness A Day” Signs

Guinness’s incredible marketing flair first made itself known in 1931, when English artist John Gilroy created a poster that simply read “A Guinness A Day.” This was the start of a new, wellness-related era of popularity for the stout, and gave birth to similar slogans, such as “Guinness for Strength” and “Guinness is Good for You.” This isn’t exactly inaccurate, either: Guinness contains a notable amount of iron per pint, making it a popular drink of choice for those who have recently given blood. At ShamrockGift you can find classy metal signs featuring these iconic pioneer ads.
Guinness Metal Sign-Calendar- this sign is made of durable metal in a rectangular calendar shape. The iconic “A Guinness a day!” ad comes bellow with a yellow and a white oval one-month calendar.

Historic Guinness Toucan Signs and Postcards

John Gilroy was also responsible for the large range of zoo animal mascots Guinness seemed to suddenly amass. The brand’s artwork suddenly featured everything from lions, to seals, to ostriches, to kangaroos. Most famously, however, there was the toucan -- and, as you can surely see from our selection of Guinness signs here at Shamrock Gift:
Guinness Metal Sign - Toucan Weathervane- a cheerful and enjoyable metal sign shows the colorful toucan which is smiling with his eyes as he balances a pint of foam-topped Guinness on his beak.
Guinness Metal Sign - 250th College- this delightful sign is made of rectangular metal and celebrates the beer brand’s 250th year of being in business featuring in the collage images of the brand’s mascot, the Guinness Toucan.
Guinness 6 Assorted Postcard Pack- This set features six animated distressed wood-style images of signs, Guinness labels, and ads including the Toucan.

The Toucan wasn’t so famous long before this bright-beaked fellow became as iconic an image of the Guinness brand as the official harp logo itself! Later, in the 1940s, he even featured in a Guinness jingle on television: “Toucans in their nests agree / Guinness is good for you / Try some today and see / What one or toucan do!”

Gilroy “My Goodness My Guinness” Signs

Along with the beloved toucan, many other signature Guinness animals make appearances on our Guinness wall art collection. Many vintage advertisements picture a lion hot on the tail of a pint-bearing zookeeper, all designed by John Gilroy in the 1940s & ‘50s. These are:
My Goodness My Guinness Wall Art- this metal sign features the Guinness brand's iconic harried zookeeper with the words “My Goodness, My Guinness!” emblazoned above.
Guinness Nostalgic Lion/Zookeeper Wooden Sign- this sign is made of wood and features a painted design in a weathered effect with the harried zookeeper.

Gilroy “Lovely Day for a Guinness” Signs

If you’re looking for a sign suggestive of a rather different pace of life, we recommend you take a look at our “Lovely Day for a Guinness” piece, which featuring everything from ambling turtles to relaxing horseback carriage rides. For those who favor real-world historical reflections over cartoons, there are plenty of wall art options relating to the world-famous Guinness brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin:
Guinness Nostalgic Wooden Sign - Horse & Cart- this vintage wooden sign will bring some warm, old-school-style to any room in your home.
Lovely Day For a Guinness Metal Sign- this colorful and vivid metal sign features the Guinness brand's iconic creamy black pint balancing on a turtle
Guinness Metal Sign - Horse & Cart- this cheerful metal sign features an amusing image of a man gleefully pulling a horse chariot while the horse rides as a passenger
Guinness Metal Sign - Toucan Weathervane- a colorful addition to any home decor is this metal sign showing off at the top of the slogan “Lovely day for a GUINNESS” in vibrant red letters, and below the famous Guinness Toucan.

These nostalgic pieces are sure to transport you to another time and arrest your imagination with thoughts of what it must have been like the day Arthur Guinness created his signature brew and changed the course of history.

Whether you pick up one of our Guinness wall art pieces for yourself, or as a gift to a friend or family member, we’re confident that you’ll love the look of these whimsical tokens of the past. Who knows what fun Guinness images the future holds? We can’t say for sure, but one thing we know is for certain -- you’ll never beat the classics!

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