Guinness Mini Embossed Glass Set


■ Guinness Mini Embossed Glass Set 
■ Official Guinness Merchandise
■ Designed in Ireland



Make rounds of Guinness beer at gatherings at your home bar extra fun with this Guinness Mini Embossed Glass Set! This set consists of two miniature pint glasses each in a classic tulip shape, with a narrow neck base that blooms upward to the brim in a graceful flower-like form. On the front is the internationally recognized Guinness logo that bears the Guinness name in white block letters and the signature golden Irish harp at the top, along with the founding year of 1759. On the back of each glass is an embossed Irish harp that lends each glass an artistic flair.

The historic year of 1759 was when the founder Arthur Guinness signed an unbelievable 9,000-year lease for the now-famous St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, where Guinness beer is still made today.

Make this mini glass set a spirited addition to your home bar, or make it a fun housewarming gift!