Guinness Nostalgic Lion/Zookeeper Wooden Sign


■ Guinness Nostalgic Lion/Zookeeper Wooden Sign
■ Dimensions: 12” L x 8” W
■ Hanging Loop 
■ Shamrock Gift Company Collection
■ Designed in Ireland



For a blast from the past that will add amusement and character to any room, decorate your wall with this Guinness Nostalgic Lion/Zookeeper Wooden Sign. This sign is made of wood and features a painted design in a weathered effect that matches the old-school flair of the featured image.

Displayed against a light green background with dark green borders is a recreation of an old Guinness beer advertisement. At the top is “Oh My GUINNESS!” in bold red lettering, and below is a happy but hungry lion chasing a zoo keeper dressed in a green uniform quickly running away with a bottle of Guinness beer in his right hand and a pint of Guinness beer in his left hand.

Adding some funny drama is his hat flying in the air above his head as he dashes away. Measuring 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide, this vintage sign will not go unnoticed in any room, and it includes a hanging loop for quick and easy display on a wall.

Add some Guinness charm to an office or home bar with this sign, or make it a fun housewarming gift for a Guinness beer lover!