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Irish Blanket by Carraig Donn


■ Comes from the super-soft, coy and comfy Merino wool from Ireland that is warm and stylish, keeping the cold at bay
■ The lovely throw comes in dimensions of 40 by 60 inches, ample and sufficient enough to cover your seats or tables or throw it around yourself to keep warm
■ The blanket features unique and standout traditional Aran patterns in its design, paying homage to the vast cultural and historical Irish past
■ The beautiful Blanket is a product of Ireland's leading manufacturing and jewelry firm, Carraig Donn, guaranteeing authenticity and uniqueness
■ Comes in white and beige, brilliant colors that can easily blend in irrespective of the surrounding, matching with any clothes or your home coloring



The ultimate dream and goal of many people are staying stylish, classy, and within the confines of current fashion trends, irrespective of the weather and season. There are a variety of clothing products and accessories designed and styled for different weather patterns and seasons. The cold season might present some challenges in terms of keeping warm yet maintaining a classy and outstanding look, both in your home and outdoors. Throw blankets serve a beneficial use, in terms of keeping the cold at bay and retaining that sleek, authentic, and unique look. Our stunning Irish Blanket by Carraig Donn highlights the ultimate features of the perfect winter wear, both for you and your interior décor.

The correctly designed and styled throw blanket can comfortably serve as a cover for seats. The Blanket can also provide you with warmth as you throw it around yourself, perfect wear for an indoor or outdoor occasion. Another advantage of a blanket throw is that it fits perfectly for any look, whether formal or casual outing. Our traditional Irish Blanket can also serve as a beautiful addition into your gift basket, a simple yet thoughtful present for your friends or family.
If you are looking for a pretty two-tone Irish blanket that is as snuggly as it is cute, then check out our Irish Blanket. Every inch and turn of the marvelous piece exhibits the dedication, craftsmanship, and hard work put into its design and production.

The fantastic piece of art is a product of the craftmanship of Carraig Donn. Carraig Donn is a leading, well-established, trailblazer and premier garment manufacturing firm in Ireland. The company has bragging rights as a trendsetter in the garment industry, with its classy, authentic, and unique product having a global presence. Since its inception, the company continues to champion the use of ancient Irish patterns in the design of its products. Featuring the traditional Irish stitches has kept the much-loved unique patterns alive over the ages.

Our cozy white and beige Blanket features authentic and unique Irish Aran Cable and plaited cable stitching. The elaborate and exquisite trends in the throw pay homage to the vast Irish history, a tradition and culture that has been around for centuries.
The Blanket comes in 100% soft organic Merino wool from Ireland. The wool is exceptionally warm, cozy, and stylish and is remarkably durable. The size of the Blanket is convenient for cuddling while watching movies or for decorating a table, bed, or couch.