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Crafted with love from the Emerald Isle, a piece of Irish pottery is the perfect addition to your kitchen, mantelpiece or ceramic collection. These ornaments are especially nice to hang on the Christmas tree during the holidays and will become a treasured tradition year after year. Adorned with lucky shamrocks and enchanting Celtic emblems, each piece in’s diverse range is as magical as it is beautiful.  

Irish Pottery Gifts 

We offer a wide range of name brands like Belleek, the oldest fine china pottery in Ireland, and Royal Tara, whose work has been revered for its traditional craftsmanship and fine quality since the 1960s. Practical and decorative vases, trinket boxes, teacups, plates and pitchers from renowned Irish pottery houses, such as Belleek Pottery and Royal Tara, feature alongside collectible mugs, ceramic fridge magnets, photo frames, and coasters. There’s something to suit all budgets and all tastes, from the contemporary to the old world. From Claddagh rings, Celtic birds and Irish harps to winged eagles, Celtic crosses and traditional Irish blessings,’s handpicked selection of Irish pottery present all of the symbols we associate with Ireland and more. 

Whether you choose to treat yourself or a loved one, or you’re looking for the ideal gift for a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, Irish pottery has a certain charm that will appeal to those of Irish origin, those with a love of all things Gaelic or those who simply adore the ornamental. 

The History of Irish Pottery 

Famed as a kingdom of creativity, Ireland’s first ceramics were crafted around 6,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the 13th century that the potter’s wheel was first introduced to the country. Nowadays, numerous potteries can be found dotted around the nation, each producing the beautiful ceramic items that many visitors take home as cherished mementos of their time on the Emerald Isle. These traditional enterprises use many of the same production methods that have been put into practice for generations and their skills and products are much-admired the world over. 

Belleek Irish China 

Belleek China shamrock line is nearly as old as the pottery itself, first introduced in the 1880s and barely adjusted since. The line features hand-painted shamrocks atop a classic wickerwork design in simple, elegant cream. 

  • Belleek Classic Daisy Trinket Box- this gorgeous little Belleek Trinket Box is embossed all over with beautiful, natural-looking daisies.

  • Belleek Classic Himself Mug- enjoy hand painted shamrocks nestled gently beneath the word “Himself” in a bold green script that makes this a cut and timeless addition to any cupboard. 

  • Belleek Classic Irish Craft Mugs (Set of 4)- this set of four irish craft mugs is crafted from classic cream-colored parian.

  • Belleek Classic Saint Patrick's Cross Ornament- this Belleek ornament combines a traditional Celtic cross with embossed detailing that references ancient Irish brooches and Shamrock motif.

Made from Parian porcelain, so-called because of its resemblance to Parian marble found in Greece, Belleek’s Irish pottery ornaments are hand finished and painted. They have been a favorite heirloom for over a century and will continue to inspire Irish pride for years to come. One of the most common Irish pottery ornaments is the Celtic cross. Modeled after stone crosses meant to mark religious sites and graves, these pottery ornaments contain many of the same ancient Celtic motifs as the originals, with Celtic spirals, Irish knots, and human figures meant to invoke the living. Whether you’re looking for a wall hanging ornament or something small for a Christmas tree, Belleek sells a wide selection of Celtic cross ornaments. 

Traditional Irish Ornaments

Many of’s ornaments also feature hand-painted ancient motifs inspired by Celtic artwork found in the Book of Kells, with images ranging from peacocks to abstract interwoven knot designs. Our selection of painted ornaments also includes a range of Irish blessing pottery that feature words of wisdom and goodwill, such as the classic blessing, “May the Road Rise to Meet You.” No matter where you display these treasured pieces, they will add a beautiful accent of Irish authenticity and color to your home. Or, give the gift of Irish art when you find the perfect piece for a friend or family member. 

Nothing goes with the scent of a Christmas tree quite like a treasured ornament, and with these Irish pottery ornaments, you can display your heritage proudly.

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  1. Ireland Sheep Pottery Mug Out of Stock
    Ireland Sheep Pottery Mug
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    Guinness Pottery Mug - Label
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  3. Shamrock Ireland Pottery Mug Out of Stock
    Shamrock Ireland Pottery Mug
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  4. Leprechaun Ireland Pottery Mug Out of Stock
    Leprechaun Ireland Pottery Mug
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  5. Tara 10in Vase Out of Stock
    Tara 10in Vase
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  6. Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Salt & Pepper Out of Stock
    Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Salt & Pepper
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  7. Belleek Classic Kylemore Pitcher Out of Stock
    Belleek Classic Kylemore Pitcher
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  8. Irish Cottage Teapot Out of Stock
    Irish Cottage Teapot
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  9. 25th Anniversary Irish Plate Out of Stock
    25th Anniversary Irish Plate
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    Nadine Trinket
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