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All of our frames are made from the highest quality material making them look striking, shiny and beautifully smooth to the eye. Mullingar Pewter re-established the ancient craft of pewter making in 1974. 

Irish Picture Frames Collection

Each of their pieces is hand-finished by a skilled artisan, ensuring painstaking attention to detail and a truly mesmerizing finish. You can choose from a carefully selected range of styles, so whether you are looking for something generic or enriched by a particular sentiment, this collection will cater to those needs. There is plenty of Celtic and Gaelic charm running through the range with wonderfully intricate knots and engraved Celtic designs forming the frames for a more traditional and elegant frame. 

Pewter Celtic Design Frames 

They all dazzle in different ways due to the beauty of pewter being such a versatile material. Pewter frames are perfect as an engagement, wedding or christening presents because they are authentic, aesthetically pleasing items. The pewter that some of our picture frames are crafted from is actually a tin alloy with a history that goes as far back as 2,000 years to Roman Civilization. Its versatile combination of strength and malleability made it useful for creating anything from eating utensils to jewelry. What continues to make pewter so valuable today is that, unlike finer metals, pewter is tarnish-resistant, allowing it to maintain its brilliant shine over time, which makes pewter items perfect for passing down to generations as heirlooms.

Claddagh Picture Frames

The Claddagh symbol resides atop a perfectly polished, smooth frame for those wishing to gift the sentiments of love and belonging, or friendship and loyalty. Beautifully engraved onto some of these pewter frames is the Irish Claddagh.

  • Set of 2 Claddagh Picture Frames- this beautiful picture frame set embossed with Claddagh design comes with two pewter picture frames to comfortably and proudly display your treasured pictures.

  • Mullingar Pewter Large Claddagh Frame- this Claddagh frame’s bottom is adorned with elegant, interweaving patterns resembling Celtic Knots, which were used by ancient Celts to symbolize their eternal love.

  • Mullingar Pewter Medium Claddagh Frame- keep alive your memories with this hand made frames crafted in Mullingar, Ireland boasting an immaculate shine that does not tarnish over time.

 The Claddagh is an emblem that first appeared over four centuries ago in Galway, Ireland in the Claddagh Village. The specific details of how the Claddagh came to be varied, but according to one legend, an Irishman named Richard Joyce created the first Claddagh in a ring design to honor his faithful beloved who waited for his return to Ireland after he was held in slavery for many years in a distant land. The Claddagh is made of two hands representing friendship, and they unite to hold a heart symbolizing love. On top of the heart is a crown signifying loyalty. 

Celtic Knot Photo Frames

For those who want to recognize their Celtic heritage, there are also lovely picture frames that feature breathtaking Celtic Knot Designs, like the 6x4 Small Handmade Celtic Picture Frame and Large 7x5 Celtic Picture Frame. The endless variations of Celtic Knots and braid patterns were everyday parts of ancient Celtic life that served as decorative and symbolic reminders of the eternal love that couples, families, and friends had for each other. The interlaced loops of these patterns neither began nor ended to signify the never-ending bond of this shared perpetual love.

Shamrock Photo Frames

Among the fine range of available porcelain picture frames are exquisite hand-painted pieces that feature vivid illustrations of shamrock flowers, giving the frames some festively elegant Irish spirit. These shamrock frames come in different sizes and styles, check out your favorite one:

  • Belleek Classic Shamrock Trellis 5x7 Frame- this incredibly gorgeous piece of art comes with an intricate shamrock detailing that is hand-painted.

  • Tara 6 x 4 Frame from Belleek- this shamrock frame is designed with a spiral edge that creates a sense of movement around the frames outer edge, a fantastic design addition to the frame.

  • Belleek Classic Shamrock 5x7 Frame- this charming Irish photo frame is made from the highest quality Belleek porcelain and embossed with a classic wickerwork basketweave pattern.

The shamrock is recognized as the national flower of Ireland as well as a popular symbol of good fortune. Ancient Celts believed the flower had special powers that allowed it to cure sicknesses and ward off bad spirits, and the revered Saint Patrick used the shamrock’s three heart-shaped leaves to teach the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the Irish who were converting to Christianity. 

Whether you adore the lovely shine of pewter, the elegant look of porcelain, or the versatile style of ceramic, you have a great range of choices of picture frames among Shamrock Gifts’ selection of Irish Picture Frames. Select a few of these pieces to bring some Irish charm to your home, or make them wonderful housewarming gifts for family and friends!

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    Belleek Classic Shamrock Trellis 5x7 Frame
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    Tara 8x10 Frame
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    Tara 6 x 4 Frame from Belleek
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  4. Celtic 6 x 4 Picture Frame
    Celtic 6 x 4 Picture Frame
  5. Belleek Classic Shamrock 5x7 Frame Out of Stock
    Belleek Classic Shamrock 5x7 Frame
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    Mullingar Pewter Medium Claddagh Frame
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