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Irish Leprechaun Charm Keyring Kerry

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  • Irish Leprechaun Kerry Charm Keyring
  • 3 Charms
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Keep memories of the Emerald Isle close in your hand with this Irish Leprechaun Kerry Charm Keyring.

This metal piece consists of three charms that each represents a special part of Ireland. One charm features a leprechaun dressed in his signature red and green suit with a green top hat and orange beard.

Leprechauns are naughty little creatures from Irish fairy tales that make shoes and gather gold coins in pots they hide at the bottom of a rainbow.

The next charm is a green shamrock flower with ‘Ireland’ displayed across the front. Recognized by its three heart-shaped leaves, the shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and symbolizes good luck. Ancient Celts also believed it had special powers that could ward off evil spirits and cure sicknesses.

The third charm is a tiny replica of an actual Irish road sign for County Kerry, Ireland, complete with a rectangular shape and triangle pointer in white with black trim.

Make this keyring a sweet souvenir for a friend who misses everything about Ireland!

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