Robert Emmet Company

Pair Bride & Groom Flutes / Gold-Plated Pewter Claddagh


■ Pewter and Glass - The flutes in this set are made of quality glass that is accented on the front with Claddagh emblems made of pewter, a versatile tin alloy, plated in gold.
■ Irish Claddagh - Featured on the front of each flute is the Irish Claddagh: 2 hands of friendship uniting to hold a heart of love adorned with a crown of loyalty.
■ Elegant Stem Detail - Making this flute set a standout is the braided rope detail on each stem, adding rich texture and dimension.
■ Capacity - The flutes in this set each have a capacity of 11 ounces.


Give a newlywed couple a gift with a message that will last a lifetime with this Pair Bride & Groom Flutes with Gold-Plated Pewter Claddagh. This gorgeous set is made of clear glass that emits a lovely shine. The stem of each flute shows off a lovely rope braid design that adds texture and dimension. On one flute is the word “BRIDE,” and on the other flute is “GROOM,” both in white lettering. On both flutes is a Claddagh ring emblem made of pewter, a tin alloy that is not only durable but does not tarnish. Each pewter emblem is gold plated for a radiant yellow shine.

This plating wonderfully shows off the details of the Irish Claddagh: Two majestic hands representing friends reach toward each other to grasp a heart that symbolizes love. Decorating the top of this heart is an ornate crown that signifies loyalty, completing the Claddagh’s universal message of the value of loving, loyal friendships, which naturally extends to marriages. Each flute has a volume capacity of 11 ounces. Make this flute set a fabulous bridal shower or wedding gift!