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Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket

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  • Manufactured from 100% pure Irish Merino wool that has a luxurious touch, super soft, cozy, warm and extremely comfortable for your baby
  • The lovely piece features glamorous Classic Aran patterns, designs that pay homage to the vast and rich Irish tribute, traditions and culture
  • The blanket features cute Sheep and Shamrock patterns that have a lot of significance to the Irish people, signifying luck and good tidings and serves as a prayer
  • The baby blanket comes in dimensions of 38 inches in length and 27 inches in width, sufficient enough to cover your baby and keep them warm
  • The beautiful piece is a product of Ireland’s leading and premier garment manufacturing company, Carraig Donn.


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Keeping your baby warm throughout is not only essential for their health but their overall growth and development. There is no better way to keep your baby warm than combining their comfort and trendy, classy, and outstanding look. A variety of baby clothing exists; the goal is to find the perfect fit, color, size, and design for your little bundle of joy. Our stunning Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket is the ultimate garment for your baby, especially during the cold, chilly season.

You don’t need Irish heritage to appreciate this adorable Shamrock and sheep baby blanket made of luxurious soft Merino wool that is lovely to touch. This beautiful piece can also serve as a beautiful and thoughtful gift to a friend who just got a baby, and they will quickly love the blanket.

This marvelous piece of art is a production of the prestigious and leading Irish firm, Carraig Donn. The company is a leader, trendsetter, and premier garment and jewelry manufacturing firm in the region. The company's products have a global presence, renown for their authenticity, uniqueness, and elegant, artistic touch. The excellent products have a deep connection to the Irish roots, featuring elaborate and extrinsic patterns that are part and parcel of the Irish cultural and traditional past. Our lovely blanket also features the unique and rare Irish Aran patterns. The classic cable stitches heighten the texture and beauty of the warm wool.

Product Features We Adore

Soft Merino Wool

100% merino wool is super soft to the touch and won't irritate the skin

Aran Cable Patterns

The knit patterns are derived from traditional Aran sweaters first made in the west of Ireland

Sheep & Shamrock Details

Cute sheep and shamrock details are perfect for a child's crib and add beautiful Irish whimsy to the blanket

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