Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know the history of the special holiday? 




Father’s Day was originally celebrated in the United States in 1910. A woman in Spokane, Washington named Sonora Smart Dobb wanted to thank her Father with a special day of fatherhood. Dodd’s mother had died when she was 16 and upon hearing a sermon in honor of Mother’s Day in May felt that a day of recognition should be held in honor of fathers as well. Thus, the first Father’s Day was held as a small local affair on June 19, 1910, and by 1916, President Woodrow Wilson had heard of this new celebration and sent an official telegram of support for the services to Spokane. Eventually, social welfare groups made the practice occur all over the globe, including Ireland.

It’s no surprise that in the intervening 100-plus years US traditions made their way to Ireland. Children thank their fathers for the dedication they have in their upbringing. They might give their Dads fresh flowers, cards, candy, pastries, or cook something special themselves. Fathers also get gifts like wallets, ties, apparel, books, and other gadgets. Some people take their Dads to restaurants or help them with yard work. Roman Catholics celebrate Father’s Day as Saint Joseph’s Day.

Catholics celebrated the Feast of Saint Joseph in the early centuries. This was many years before Father’s Day came to be. Irish and Polish communities around the world recognized the day as March 19.

If you’re looking for ideas of how to celebrate Father’s Day, here are some of our favorites.

No Stress! The best thing is to have your Father not feel any pressure on Father’s day. The day doesn’t need to be perfect. He might appreciate not having any kind of deadline or hassle. He might like not having chores to do as well. The best thing to do is to let him relax.

Spend time together. Just enjoy your Father’s company. This seems very simple but it’s easy to get sidetracked. If you have to leave the host do so, but focus on being a family. Do things like going for a family walk, do a picnic or share stories about your lives. That’s a great way to celebrate with Dad!

Make romance. Honor your partner as well if you have children together. Make him feel special and give him something he will enjoy. It’s not all about the kids, even on Father’s Day!

Let him be the focus. Don’t plan everything out, give him freedom and choice of what he wants to do. If he’s a sports fan, maybe take him to a game. Go with him fishing if that’s what he loves to do. If he wants to be alone for a few hours, give him that as well. He deserves it!

Praise him. Fathers need to be appreciated. Tell him how great of a Dad he is and that you need him in your life. Detail how he contributes. Let him know what makes him a great Father and partner. Give him gratitude.




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A father has a unique role in a child’s life, serving as a male role model, a friend to play catch with and a parent who nurtures and loves. Father’s Day is important for celebrating and cherishing this special bond. Help your child strengthen this bond with Dad through crafting homemade gifts, whipping up his favorite dish and planning fun activities to make the day extra special!




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