Mother’s Day is fast approaching in just a few short weeks. Do you have your Irish Mother’s Day present yet? has a great selection of Mother’s Day presents at a range of price points. Whether you’re looking for a charming addition to your Mother’s Day gift or the main Mother’s Day present itself, our range of Irish Mother’s Day gifts celebrate your Irish heritage and add a touch of Celtic charm to any present. With brand names like Belleek, Royal Tara, Inis Perfumes, and Mullingar Pewter, our range of gifts satisfies every budget without sacrificing quality. So no matter what you’re looking for, browse our favorites at every price point below and shop more ideas from




Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Irish Locket ($128.58)



This sterling silver locket from ShanOre Jewelry is one of our favorite Irish gifts for any occasion, but especially for Mother’s Day. The 18-inch chain is the ideal length for wearing with any outfit, and the trinity knot design showcases one of Ireland’s most famous artistic and religious motifs, symbolizing not only the Catholic trinity but the ancient Irish belief in the infallibility of the cycle of life and three basic elements of earth, air, and water. For an extra personal touch, you can include photos of you and your mother on the inside.


Claddagh Celtic Trinity Knot And Chain ($158.95)



Continuing the trinity knot motif, this beautiful pendant necklace is another great option if your mother already has a favorite locket. What makes this necklace particularly special is how the trinity knot seamlessly transitions into the Claddagh design. The Claddagh is one of Ireland’s best-loved symbols for its romantic and platonic ideals of love, friendship, and loyalty, represented by the heart, hands, and crown respectively. Made from sterling silver, 10 karat yellow gold, and featuring a white diamond heart, this is one of our finest Irish gifts.


Trinity Knot Stud Earrings with Emerald Stone ($225.00)



If you really want to impress your mother this Mother’s Day, you couldn’t do worse than these 14 karat yellow gold Trinity knot earrings. Each earring contains three green emeralds, a clever nod to the Emerald Isle itself, making this a subtle yet classically stylish way for your mother to show off her Irish pride. The Trinity knot is among the best-known native Irish designs, representing the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the tradition of the Catholic church, as well as the ancient Irish belief in the elemental earth, air, and water.




Black “Guinness Girl” Silk Scarf ($54.95)



This 100% pure silk scarf is printed with one of the most iconic Guinness ads of the 20th century. The original ad featured the same image of the “Guinness Girl,” with the words, “Every girl should have a little black drink.” At the time it debuted, Guinness, and beer in general, would have been considered a man’s drink in Ireland, and this campaign was downright revolutionary and today, Guinness is enjoyed throughout Ireland by men and women alike, making this the ideal Mother’s Day gift for the Guinness lover in your life.


Irish Wool Cape ($69.99)



For the mother always on the go, even if the weather takes a turn for the worse, this Aran knit wool cape is one of our favorite layers. The design features some of the best traditional Aran knit patterns, including cable knit, diamond weave, and the tree of life, each symbolizing an aspect of the islands from where they originate like the fishermen’s ropes, farm patches, and the interconnectivity of all things in the universe. This stylish and comfortable cape is made from 100% merino wool and is sure to be treasured for the ages.


Belleek Classic Mother’s Blessing Plate ($75.00)



Another piece from Belleek China, this beautiful Mother plate is crafted in Ireland and hand painted with lovely shamrock and wildflower motifs. It’s the perfect way to show your mother how much she means to you this Mother’s Day. The inscription reads:

There is but one and only one,
Whose love will fail you never.
One who lives from sun to sun,
With constant fond endeavour.
There is but one and only one,
On earth there is no other.
In heaven a noble work was done,
When god gave us a Mother.


Wild Irish Jewelry Box ($89.99)



Featuring decorative motifs from Celtic art throughout the ages, including intricate Celtic knots and the Claddagh design on top, this Mullingar Pewter jewelry box is a beautiful way to give your mother a little Irish charm whenever she reaches for her favorite earrings. The Claddagh, with its hands, heart, and crown, symbolizes friendship, love, and loyalty, while the Celtic knot has traditionally represented the infinite connections of all things in the universe as well as the cycle of life. There’s arguably no better symbolism for a classic Irish Mother’s Day present.




Belleek Classic Mum Mug ($45.00)



Nothing says Irish mom quite like, well, “Mum.” This brilliant china mug from Belleek features the company’s signature basketweave design, one of their oldest, as well as hand painted shamrocks and “mum” text. Belleek is Ireland’s premier fine china and porcelain manufacturers and still produces all their china by hand. This mug is perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea and shows off one of the most timeless of Belleek designs.


Inis Cologne Spray ($45.00)



Founded in 1998, Inis has risen to become one of the finest fragrance houses in Ireland. The Energy of the Sea scent is their signature fragrance for men and women and is the perfect combination of the sea breeze and forests of Ireland, described as “ocean-fresh, with citrus and floral notes, as well as sandalwood and oak moss.” For the mother who likes to wear her Irish heritage on her sleeve (or wrist), you can’t do much better than this cologne.


Celtic Tara Brooch ($46.50)



The 9th century Tara Brooch is arguably Ireland’s best-known piece of ancient Celtic design and Irish jewelry. This modern take on the brooch from Solvar Jewelers combines all the elements of the original with updated features for the modern woman, complete with multi-colored gemstones and a beautiful Celtic knot motif. Your mother can wear this with pride and add a stylish bit of Celtic heritage to any wardrobe.




Little Irish Luck Keyring Mum Saying ($9.95)



With a lovely traditional Irish mother’s blessing engraved on the face of this Irish keychain that reads “Mother’s hold their children’s hands a while and their hearts forever,” this keychain is a perfect mother’s day gift that tells your mother she’ll always be in your heart. With the Claddagh design at the top of this key ring, it evokes the best of traditional Irish design. The Claddagh is a centuries-old native Irish design that symbolises love with the heart, friendship with the hands, and loyalty with the crown, making this keychain even more evocative gift to share with your mother.


Rustic Ireland Mother Sign ($11.95)



If a keychain isn’t your mother’s style, we love this wall plaque in a vintage, wood design, complete with twine hanging cord. The mother’s blessing evokes the lifelong love of children and their mother, while the green shamrock motif is a constant reminder of the shared Irish heritage you both have.


Wild Irish Rose Fragrant Candle with Celtic Weave Design ($13.95)



We love this scented candle from Royal Tara, and not least for the beautiful celtic weave tin that can be reused when the candle reaches its end. But the real treat is the scent of wild Irish roses that it gives off, immediately transporting you back to a beautiful Irish spring day. Light up your mother’s home with the smells of Ireland to transport her there in spirit, if not in person. (Who knows, maybe you can even add in a round trip ticket to the package!)




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