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Claddagh Earrings Embellished With Swarovski Crystals

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  • Sterling Silver 
  • Claddagh Design
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Round Light Sapphire Swarovski® crystals
  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • ShanOre Jewelry


Manufacturer: ShanOre Jewelry

Wear sterling silver with a flash of color with the Claddagh earrings embellished with Swarovski® crystals.

The mesmerizing hue of light sapphire Swarovski® crystals against a backdrop of lustrous sterling silver creates an attractive color contrast that everyone will adore.

Cherished for over 400 years, the Claddagh symbol first emerged in Claddagh, a fishing village in the city of Galway in western Ireland. One legend on how it came about claims that a man named Richard Joyce crafted the first Claddagh ring out of gratitude to his love who faithfully waited years for his return when he was kidnapped and enslaved while traveling to the West Indies.

These earrings are made of sterling silver shaped into a lovely circular design.

The Claddagh symbol sits at the bottom of the circle and features two hands of friendship holding a heart of love that is adorned with a crown symbolizing loyalty. On the other side of the circle is a sterling silver arc that is painted in blue and decorated with light sapphire blue Swarovski® crystals.

The resplendence of the light blue crystals truly complements the rich symbolism of the Claddagh emblem. T

hese earrings are perfect for color-blocking ensembles that mix various shades of blue, white, pink, and more.


SEAL Certificate of Authenticity 
Material Sterling Silver
Weight 2.3 grams
Width 12 mm
Height 14 mm
Main stone Light Sapphire Swarovski® crystals
Main Stone Dimensions 1.5 mm 
Main Stone Shape Round
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