Guinness Barrel Puzzle


■ Wood Barrel Puzzle
■ Guinness Logo
■ Shamrock Gift Company Collection
■ Designed in Ireland
■ Celebrates the Guinness brand



For a unique souvenir that celebrates the Guinness brand and also entertains, you will love this Guinness Barrel Puzzle. This three-dimensional puzzle is made out of wood and comes in a fun beer barrel design that is a special nod to Guinness, the iconic Irish beer brand that has been enjoyed by many all over the world for over 250 years.

Founder Arthur Guinness began the journey of creating this timeless beer on December 31st, 1759 when he signed a 9,000-year lease at the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. This brewery continues to stand as the home of Guinness beer to this very day.

Featuring the Guinness logo including the Irish harp across the front in black, this barrel puzzle measures 2.25 inches high and consists of 12 precision cut pieces. Providing mental stimulation that challenges spatial reasoning, this puzzle is perfect for game nights and parties.

Make this puzzle a souvenir for a friend who loves exciting games!