Guinness Digi Pouch

Was: $15.95
Now: $7.98

■ Digi Pouch
■ Zipped and Padded Neoprene Pocket
■ Quick Release Buckle
■ Belt Loop on Back
■ Adjustable Shoulder Strap
■ Dimensions: 5.2" L x 3.6"



This small and handy miniature bag from Guinness is called a "Digi Pouch," as it's for keeping all your digital possessions safe. Perfect for any camera, phone or MP3 player, the black digi pouch features include an adjustable shoulder strap, zipped and padded Neoprene main pocket with an inner mesh pocket, as well as a quick release buckle, and a belt loop on the back. Keep your valuable digital items safe while accessorizing in style with this Guinness Digi Pouch.