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Our eclectic range of Guinness branded Christmas presents make for perfect stocking stuffers. No matter what kind of personality you’re buying for, we’ve got a corresponding Christmas gift. Gorgeous glassware, keychain bottle openers, cufflinks, travel bags, vanilla-scented candles in a mini pint glass—we’ve got it all!

Why choose Guinness Christmas Gifts? 

With dozens of items, both Christmas-themed and not, our collection of Guinness Christmas gifts sets the bar high for holiday giving, whether you’re looking for that one perfect tree ornament or another novelty pint glass for your kitchen cabinet. Guinness has a long association with the Christmas season, and their television ads at Christmas have become something of a tradition in Ireland, much like Coca-Cola’s Santa ads in the United States. Christmas is the time when families come together and children return home and see long-time friends. As much a tradition as Midnight mass, heading to the local pub on Christmas Eve is a time-honored way to ring in the holiday, where old friends reconnect, and the whole family can enjoy a meal with the town. Invariably, Guinness will be served, heralding the holiday’s festive spirit. The dark stout, with its rich flavors and deep ruby coloring, is perfect for the wintertime when fireplaces are burning and the wind howls outside. Even the white, creamy head of the beer is reminiscent of fresh snowfall, and goes down just as smooth.

Guinness Christmas Decorations

Whether or not you head to the pub during the holiday season, there’s an easy way to bring the spirit of the tradition into your home every Christmas with Guinness Christmas ornaments. We have a range of Guinness Christmas baubles, from classic round, glass ornaments in handsome red with Guinness’s trademark toucan perched in a bed of snow, to ornaments shaped like a perfectly poured pint of Guinness adorned with a holly sprig. Our Guinness Green Gaelic line is also perfect for the Christmas season. The line features the classic Guinness Extra Stout logo, complete with their trademark harp logo, the signature of Arthur Guinness, but surrounded in green, Gaelic lettering, adding an extra bit of authentic Celtic flair to the logo. Combine one of these with the Guinness Red ornaments, and you’ve got the perfect holiday color pair.

If you’re looking for something small for a friend or family member, we also have you covered, with a range of stocking stuffers at all price points. Cheeky Guinness socks with perfect pints or a Guinness World’s Best Dad black sock, or even a Guinness pint and shamrock necktie are all wonderful gifts for Christmas.

Guinness Christmas Bar Accessories

We also have a range of Guinness glassware and bar accessories that make a great addition to any kitchen or home bar. Always losing bottle caps after you open a cold beer? We’ve got a two-in-one bottle opener and catch in the shape of a vintage Guinness bottle. Want to add a bit of comedy to your morning routine? We’ve got several Guinness coffee mugs to choose from. It’s all here at Guinness is one of Ireland’s most recognizable brands, known the world over as emblematic of the quality of Irish manufacturing.

Founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, the company didn’t even advertise its beer until decades later, instead relying on word of mouth to promote its product. The gambit worked, and Guinness soon became the beer of choice for Dublin dockworkers. In fact, so sure was Arthur Guinness of the wisdom of his endeavor that he signed a 9,000-year lease on the land on which he would build his brewery, the same brewery that remains operational today in St. James’s Gate in Dublin. 

No matter where you travel, the official Guinness harp logo is a symbol of Ireland as much as it is of their unofficial national brew of choice. Add some Guinness warmth to your holiday tradition and shop our great collection of Guinness Christmas Gifts today.

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