Guinness is arguably Ireland’s most iconic brand, recognized the world over as a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit of the country and the quality of their beverage industry. With their trademark harp logo, they have tapped into Ireland’s long symbolic legacy of poetry and music. And what better to keep a night alive than sipping on a pint of Guinness at a local pub, whiling away the hours listening to a traditional Irish session?

Official Guinness Kitchenware

Bring a bit of Irish history into the most important room in your home with a huge selection of Guinness kitchenware from Whether it’s an adorable, vintage-style Guinness bottle salt-and-pepper set, pouring spoons, potholders, aprons, or an awesome Guinness recipe cookbook with treats featuring our favorite dark stout, our kitchen wouldn’t be the same without all our favorite Guinness accessories. These are the perfect gift for any Guinness fan with yen for cooking, or a lover of the dark stout who needs to be gently coaxed into cooking!
Ironically, Guinness didn’t start advertising its beer until nearly a century after it began production, instead of relying on word of mouth to increase sales. But once they did, they put together some of the most iconic ad campaigns of the 20th century, many of which are still with us today in the form of vintage signs and accessory designs on much of Guinness kitchenware.

Nostalgic “Lovely Day for a Guinness” Kitchen Items

One of the most beloved Guinness ad campaigns began in the 1930s, featuring a menagerie of animals with the slogan “Lovely Day for a Guinness,” featuring any number of humans or creatures carrying on with a pint in hand. Since the introduction of Guinness advertisements, they have adorned pubs small and large, creating a homely atmosphere that has come to invoke traditional Ireland wherever they are displayed. Many Guinness items for the kitchen reference this series, including signage with a turtle, toucans, and coaster sets that feature many vintage Guinness ads:
Guinness Nostalgic Cotton Towel Smiling Pint- this towel is made of premium cotton featuring a vibrant yellow sun with serenely closed eyes hovering over a pint of Guinness beer and Lovely Day for a Guinness Lettering.
Guinness Nostalgic Coaster - Assorted 6 Pack- this 6 coasters set is cork-backed and each feature vintage-styled designs including the classic Lovely Day for a Guinness ad.
Lovely Day For a Guinness Metal Sign- This vintage style metal sign features the famous and charming Guinness turtle.

Arthur Guinness Signature Mugs and Glasses

You can own some of that tradition with much of Guinness’s kitchenware line, whether you’re looking for some wall art or just a few more glasses for your cupboard. All items are official Guinness merchandise, officially licensed from the storied brewery for sale in the United States. And just about every item features Guinness’s trademark harp logo.
Guinness Signature Mug- for the perfect morning tea or coffee get this sleek mug. This black mug proudly displays the Guinness harp logo on the front and back.
Guinness Embossed Stem Glass- a beautiful stem glass from Guinness featuring a sleek and striking harp design.
Guinness Mini Embossed Glass Set- this Guinness set consists of two miniature pint glasses each in a classic tulip shape.

Guinness Pint Accessories

Founded in 1759, Guinness is Ireland’s best-selling beer. When Arthur Guinness began operations in St. James’s Gate in Dublin, he signed a 9,000 year lease on the land that is still headquarters to the brewery today, ensuring that thousands of generations would be entitled to the black stuff.
This commitment to quality and longevity is carried on in Guinness’s kitchenware line today, with all products made from the highest quality materials and crafted with the greatest care to ensure they will be with you for a long time. You can have your perfect Guinness pint in any shape and color due to our collection of Kitchen items that feature the Pint. Have a look at our favorite pint items:
Guinness Pint Apron- made of 100% cotton this creatively designed pint apron comes in black with a cream-colored top trim.
Guinness Oven Glove- this adorable and comfortable Guinness oven glove is perfect for any chef who also enjoys a pint.
Guinness Pint Glasses 4 Pack- each glass in this 4-pack black set shows off a lovely tulip-shaped silhouette.
Guinness Mini Pint Candle-this charming pint candle comes in a miniature Guinness shot glass bearing the Guinness harp logo.

You don’t even have to be a Guinness drinker to appreciate the legacy of the brewery, which has employed thousands o Irishmen and women over the years, becoming a mainstay of the country’s export economy even during times of financial trouble.

Shop our selection of Guinness kitchenware today and give your home a bit of rustic Irish pub feel, whether you’re looking for a Guinness bar mat to keep glasses safe and drips contained, or something clever from which to drink your morning coffee, like the Guinness barrel mug, modeled after the wooden barrels used to store Guinness before the invention of the metal keg. ships fast and free, so order your Guinness kitchenware today.

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