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If you are stuck on what to buy someone, you may have missed an obvious choice. Whether they are a Guinness fan or not, Guinness merchandise makes an exceedingly good gift for any of your loved ones! Why? These items are made from top quality materials, finished to the highest standards, bearing the mark of an internationally respected brand while holding the prestige and authenticity of a centuries-old company.

St. Patrick’s Day Guinness Gift Collection

At Shamrock Gift, we have a wide variety of Guinness Gifts for people with all kinds of interests, hobbies, and personalities. The items in this Guinness Gifts collection are a great way for any Guinness lover to show off his or her love for the iconic Irish brand, or they can be a great introduction to an amazing beer for those who are not familiar with Guinness!

Guinness beer started with bold and exciting beginnings on December 31st, 1759. This was the historic day that Guinness beer founder, Arthur Guinness, signed an unbelievable 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery located in Dublin, Ireland. This brewery is where Guinness beer is still actually crafted to this day. Distinguished by its prominent black entrance gate that presents the Guinness name and harp logo in regal gold lettering, the charming vintage-style light posts that flank the gate, and the weathered brick road leading up to the gate, St. James’s Gate Brewery is a major historic landmark in Ireland that many tourists come from far and wide to see today.

Official Guinness Toucan Gifts

One beloved symbol of the Guinness beer brand that is recognizable everywhere is its mascot, the Guinness Toucan. With a subtle smirk, the Guinness toucan is always featured proudly perched somewhere, whether it’s on a beach or a weathervane on top of a building, as he balances a glass pint of tasty Guinness beer on his long beak. Items that feature the Guinness Toucan in vivid color include:
Guinness Toucan Bottle Opener Magnet, which is great to store on a refrigerator so that it can be reached at any moment to pop a bottle of Guinness
Guinness Large Black Toucan Embossed Mug that will make a fun addition to any dining ware collection!
Guinness Cork Backed Coasters. This full set of six coasters presents images from memorable Guinness advertisements that were created starting in the 1930s by the ad firm S.H. Benson, which Guinness hired to help revamp its image.

Official Guinness Barware

Some of the amusing artwork as this Guinness Nostalgic Wooden Sign-Horse & Cart featured a Lovely Day for a GUINNESS ad image of a man pulling a carriage with a tired horse riding as his passenger and a turtle balancing a pint of Guinness on his shell.
Also perfect for a home bar, and for at-home bar tenders, is the Guinness Pouring Spoon will make the perfect gift! This pouring spoon boasts a brilliant shine and is made of stainless steel, featuring the Guinness name and signature Irish harp engraved on the stem and handle. With this finely crafted spoon, Guinness beer lovers can make specialty alcoholic beverages like the Black Velvet, a delicious blend of Guinness and champagne, the Half and Half, which is a hybrid of Guinness and Lager, and the Black and Tan, which is a mix of Guinness and Pale Ale.

Official Guinness Accessories

If you’re looking for Guinness items that are practical and convenient, there is also a nice variety of everyday merchandise to choose from. Wallets like the Guinness Canvas Wallet with a rugged winged harp shield design and the Guinness Label Leather Wallet make wonderful birthday gifts.

The Guinness Golf Umbrella is great for anyone, not just golf players. It measures 40” x 2.5” x 2.5”, a prominent size that is large enough to protect two people from the elements, and it is made of durable, windproof nylon. From house slippers, alarm clocks, and cooking aprons to salt and pepper sets, golf balls, and cufflinks, Shamrock Gift truly has virtually every kind of St. Patrick’s Day Guinness Merchandise you can think of! Get all of your gifts right here!

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    Guinness Black Ceramic Tankard
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    Guinness Beer Money Box
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  3. Guinness Ireland Metal Label Wall Sign Out of Stock
    Guinness Ireland Metal Label Wall Sign
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  4. Guinness Official Label Sign Out of Stock
    Guinness Official Label Sign
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  5. Lovely Day For a Guinness Metal Sign Out of Stock
    Lovely Day For a Guinness Metal Sign
    As low as $19.95
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  6. Guinness Label Tankard Out of Stock
    Guinness Label Tankard
    As low as $24.95
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