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Belleek Classic Castle 7.7in Vase

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  • The Irish Tower design of the vase gives it a unique and exquisite connection to the Irish roots.
  • The intricate embossed detail is an artistic genius, beautifully laid out and display, giving the product its uniqueness
  • The gorgeous classic castle vase stands 7.7 inches tall and can accommodate most cut flowers for public or private display
  • The inclusion of the hand-painted clovers has a deep connection to Ireland, a representation of the Christian faith
  • The gorgeous classic castle vase is a product of the experienced and skilled artisans from the prestigious Belleek excellent pottery company.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

The beauty exemplified by flowers has a lasting impression on the mind of anyone. We are all thrilled by the sight of a beautiful flower; the sweet scent from them is unforgettable. The beauty and freshness of flowers in their natural splendor can be captured and displayed proudly and magnificently in our households. Flowers not only add glamor and style in a home but are a unique way to add a classy and exquisite touch to our houses. One of the vital tools in home flower displays is a vase. Our gorgeous and marvelous Belleek Classic Castle 7.7in Vase is the ultimate choice to intricately and beautifully display your flowers, whether in the office or home.
Our fantastic castle vase brings out the best in your flowers and is the perfect addition to your space. This artistic masterpiece is a beautiful addition to your collection, and can also serve as a mindful gift to your friends or loved ones.
The Castle flower vase is refined to impress, perfectly befitting any occasion.
Made from Parian porcelain, our outstanding and remarkable Castle Vase is a representation of artistic genius and inspiration. Named after the Greek island of Paros, Parian china is known for its resemblance to the white marble found in the Aegean Sea and its ability to create quality out of liquid materials. The Parian porcelain is designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture.
The vase is inspired by ancient Irish round towers that were both symbolic, unique and condescending the Irish landscape, giving it a clear and definite connective to the vast and rich history of Ireland. The taper included in the design of the vase is an apparent mimic and representation of real-life castles which are to date, still found scattered throughout Ireland. The use of the castle designs is a reminiscence of Ireland's ancient ruins and former glory.
This marvelous piece of art embraces the use of the symbolic shamrock. The shamrock symbol is renown and revered across Ireland, and is a representation of good luck and tidings. The symbol showcases Ireland's naturally appearing green and incredible landscape. Religiously, the shamrock represents the teachings of St. Patrick, one of the pioneers of Christianity in Ireland. St. Patrick used the unique flower to teach the early Celts about the holy trinity, figuratively comparing the three leaves connected to a stream to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the three pillars of the Christian faith. The shamrock is one of the widely used, best-loved and renown symbols in Ireland.
Our beautiful Castle Vase is a product of the prestigious, globally acclaimed and renown Belleek beautiful pottery, the oldest of its kind in Ireland. The fine prides itself with setting and maintaining standards in the pottery industry over the years. The company, in existence since 1849, quickly became a favorite to the high and mighty, including the British royalty. The company impressively caught the eye of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, a recognition of its excellent and outstanding products.

Product Features We Adore

Castle Design

Reminiscent of Ireland's ancient ruins and glory

Hand-Painted Detail

Fine detail with personal artistic touches in a shamrock motif

Parian China

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

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