Belleek Classic Nativity Set

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  • Our beautiful Nativity set is made of Belleek’s classic white parian porcelain and is lovingly decorated with hand-painted details and shimmering 24-karat gold.
  • Belleek’s parian accentuates the subtle detailing in our Nativity’s figurines, including the intricate folds of Joseph’s robe and the delicate lambswool of the sheep.
  • The perfect Christmastime display, our Nativity features seven porcelain pieces: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, a donkey, a sheep, and the Star of Bethlehem.
  • A chic and rustic wooden stable provides a lovely background and measures 16” high and 14.2” wide.
  • To complete your Nativity, consider our lovely Nativity Angel and our Three Kings set (sold separately).


Manufacturer: Belleek China

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, or simply hoping to add a stunning focal point to your Christmas decorations, look no further than Belleek Living’s Nativity set.

Our nativity set includes seven separate porcelain pieces: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, a sheep, a donkey, a shepherd boy, and the Star of Bethlehem. All seven are crafted from Belleek’s classic cream-colored parian china and accented with pure 24-karat gold. All the exquisite details of the figurines’ faces are painted by hand with exceptional care. The wooden manger (also included) is a sleek and minimalist backdrop that showcases the key figures of the Nativity scene. The set’s overall height is 14.2 inches and the width measures 16 inches, making a striking central display among your Christmas decorations.

Since its founding in 1857, Belleek Pottery has been the go-to Irish company for fine porcelain. The company’s genesis begins a few years earlier, however, when founded John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited his father’s property in 1849. The estate was located in the small market town of Belleek, Co. Fermanagh. The town and the surrounding areas had been hit hard by the Famine, and Bloomfield wanted to use his land to establish a business that would bring prosperity back to the region. He happened to be an amateur mineralogist, and he happily discovered that the soil on his property was rich in the minerals necessary to make clay. That discovery, coupled with the proximity to the nearby River Erne, was the beginning of what today is Ireland’s oldest producer of fine pottery.

For the first few years, Belleek made utilitarian tableware and other stoneware for daily use, though the company hoped to begin to offer more elegant items in porcelain. They began experimenting with parian, a relatively new form of liquid porcelain that had been invented by English potters in 1843. Named for Parian marble, the clay was shaped not by hand, but by pouring it into premade molds, and its ability to conform to intricate shapes made it ideal for crafting figurines and ornaments that mimicked the appearance of finely carved marble. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Belleek began offering some finer parianware items in their 1863 collection.

The popularity of Belleek’s parianware immediately took off—large orders even came from Queen Victoria herself. Today, many of the company’s early parian items are displayed at London’s Victoria and
Albert Museum. Their parian statues and figurines quickly became the company’s signature items, and even today, Belleek is known worldwide for its chic and understated pearlescent white porcelain with its elegant accents of real gold and hand-painted designs.

Each and every one of Belleek’s pieces must pass the company’s detailed “16 Hands” creation and inspection process, which ensures that all items meet their high standard of excellence. From the design process to packaging, each mug, plate, and figurine passes through the hands (and under the watchful eyes!) of sixteen different artisans and workers. There are also four separate inspections throughout to make sure that each lovely item that enters your home is flawless and ready to be used and admired.

We recommend adding our Three Kings and Nativity Angel from Belleek’s Classic Living collection to complete the Nativity. Our set makes for a wonderful Christmas gift, and it is sure to become a decoration that is treasured for generations to come.

Product Features We Adore

Parian Porcelain

Draws attention to subtle design details like robe folds

Real Wood Frame Manger

An elegant and rustic detail

24 Carat Gold Accents

Each figure is beautifully accented in gold

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